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rifle parts for an AR 15 build
| September 28, 2020
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White Label Armory has made a new gun build/gun repair kit available. Is it the best AR 15 lower parts kit out there? (Or for that matter, upper receiver and BCG kit as well?) We’re not sure. We haven’t seen every option available. But this one damn sure does the job and does so at a good price. We predict it’s gonna be a nice addition to the gun cabinets and workbenches of many a rifle owner out there. Especially if you’re like many of us, who have more than a little trouble keeping track of all those little parts and pieces — which are labeled and well organized, by the way.

Talkin’ to you, takedown detent spring.

AR15 parts in the White Label Armory Home Repair Kit

White Label Armory describes the Home Repair Kit (with great accuracy) as “…everything you need to maintain a safe full of AR15 style firearms.” This will hold true whether the gun owner in question runs some fairly plain-Jane off the shelf rifle or some uber-fancy custom HK416.

gun parts for AR repair

Here’s what you’re gonna find aboard:

AR Parts Kit

Home Repair Kit from White Label Armory

WLA says, “Our Home Builder’s Parts Kit contains all of the small components that you may need to keep a large safe of AR15 rifles up and running.  Perfect for the avid AR builder, prepper, or the guy at the range that everyone goes to for AR help.  All components are 100% USA made and come in a well organized and clearly labeled container.  This kit has significant cost savings over purchasing the components individually.”


AR Lower Parts Kit

Pivot Pin, OEM, M16, Nitride 4
Takedown Pin, OEM, M16, Nitride 4
Buffer Retainer Pin, OEM, M16, Nitride 4
Detent, OEM, M16, Pivot / Takedown Pin, Cadmium Plated 10
Detent, OEM, M16, Selector, Cadmium Plated 10
Detent, OEM, M16, Bolt Catch, Nitride 10
Spring, OEM, M16, Pivot / Takedown Detent 20
Spring, OEM, M16, Ejector / Selector 10
Spring, OEM, M16, Bolt Catch Detent 10
Spring, OEM, AR15, Hammer 5
Spring, OEM, AR15, Trigger 5
Spring, OEM, AR15, Disconnect 10
Spring, OEM, M16, Buffer Retainer Pin 10
Trigger, OEM, AR15, 8620, Phosphate 4
Hammer, OEM, AR15, 8620, Phosphate 4
Disconnect, OEM, AR15, Phosphate 6
Selector, OEM, AR15, 8620, Phosphate 4
Bolt Catch, OEM, M16, 8620, Phosphate 4
Pin, OEM, M16, Fire Control Group, Nitride 10
Roll Pin, OEM, M16, Bolt Catch, Phosphate 10
Roll Pin, OEM, M16, Trigger Guard, Phosphate 4
Trigger Guard Assembly, OEM, M16, Standard, 7075-T6, HC Anodized, Black 4
Magazine Catch Button, OEM, M16, 6061, HC Anodize Black 4
Magazine Catch Assembly, OEM, M16, Phosphate 4
Spring, OEM, M16, Magazine Catch 10


Gun parts from one of the best AR 15 lower parts kit we've seen yet.

BCG Parts

Gas Ring, OEM, M16, Stainless 15
Extractor, OEM, M16, 5.56, Billet, 4140-HT-SP, Phosphate 5
Spring, OEM, M16, Extractor, Standard, 10
Insert, OEM, M16, Extractor, Rubber 10
O-Ring, OEM, M16, Extractor, Viton 10
Pin, OEM, M16, Firing Pin Retaining Pin, Phosphate 5
Firing Pin, OEM, M16, 17-4 H900, Raw 5
Cam Pin, OEM, M16, 4140, Heat Treated and Ground, Nitride 3


White Label Armory rifle parts

Is it the best AR 15 lower parts kit out there? Hard to say without inspecting all of them. But this is certainly a thorough option, reasonably priced, from a reputable manufacturer.


AR Upper Parts Kits

oll Pin, OEM, M16, Gas Tube, Phosphate 10
Roll Pin, OEM, M16, Forward Assist, Phosphate 5
Crush Washer, OEM, M16, 1/2″, 4140, Black Oxide 5
Spring, OEM, M16, Ejection Port Cover, Black Oxide 5
C-Clip, OEM, M16, Ejection Port Cover Rod, Phosphate 10
Crush Washer, OEM, M16, 5/8″, 4140, Black Oxide 5


Check out the White Label Armory Home Gun Builders Kit.


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