Whisky Better With Water? It's Science!

Reclaimed whisky barrel bottle storage crate.
A bottle storage crate built from reclaimed barrel staves – where else would you keep a bottle of George T. Stagg from the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection?

Whisky Better With Water? It’s Science! 

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There are some who argue that whiskey tastes better with a little water in it. Others would call that an unnecessary, uncalled for, vile, and unnatural act. Science has taken a side in the argument. Lifehacker recently reported on this…which is going cause some serious ass pain to purists and those who will only drink their uisge-beatha neat.

Scotch Whiskey Experiment

Grunts: uisge-beatha.

Here’s an excerpt.

“According to their research, the ethanol and guaiacol molecules in whiskey stick together, and they don’t really mix uniformly with water. Guaiacol is the stuff that gives something like scotch whisky a smoky smell and taste.”

Whiskey Barrels

“Cask-strength whiskeys (which tend to be higher in alcohol than others) in particular can benefit from a tiny bit of dilution in order to increase “the propensity of taste compounds at the liquid-air interface.”

“Read: the flavor you taste when you drink it.”

Read more in this Lifehacker article. And don’t shoot the messenger. We’re just reporting this news, we’re not saying you gotta believe it!

Handcrafted from an old American White Oak Kentucky Bourbon barrel.

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