What is a Warrior?

August 7, 2015  
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Today the Pocket Doc talks about warriors. Read up. Mad Duo


What is a Warrior?

Kerry “Pocket Doc” Davis

As we travel down this road of life, we encounter certain obstacles. How well we navigate those obstacles will be a major factor in how well our lives turn out. We’ll be faced with trials and tribulations of the emotional, spiritual, mental and physical type. How do we prepare ourselves to deal with these situations effectively? What’s the outcome if we don’t handle them?


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We hear the words “Warrior Mindset” on a frequent basis and sometimes I truly wonder if people even understand what they mean. What if they’re not a warrior, the pointy end of the spear, or the apex predator?

What does being a “Warrior” mean to you? Someone who has fought in war? What if I said you don’t have to be a warrior to have the mindset of one? Does the average “Joe” who is injured in a car accident but pulls another victim out of the path of a speeding vehicle have to be a warrior? Does “Susie Soccer Mom” who fights off an attacker in front of her children with nothing more than bare hands, sheer will and overwhelming ferocity have to be a warrior? What about a grandmother who gives the good news to a couple of dirtbags breaking into her home via a pump-action 12 gauge?

What do all of these folks have in common? Survival. Selflessness. The will to live. Does a warrior who goes into battle feel the same way? I’d venture a guess and say, “Yes.” Even though they’re everyday civilians they see the “Big Picture”. They, like the Marine storming a stronghold, will get the job done but also they want to come home at the end of the day. That’s what it’s all about, folks. Getting the job done and coming home at the end of the day. Whatever that job is, do it like a boss and get home to those that you hold dear.

It would be erroneous to say that we all have that warrior inside us. As daily headlines show us, it’s more than evident many are happy just being “Sheeple”. However, there are a quiet many who do possess that spirit. And the funny thing is, they may not even realize it until their mettle has been tested. They just know, when it happens, they will make it home, no matter what.



How can we who consider ourselves “ready” nurture and maintain that readiness? By constantly creating and reinforcing good habits, deleting bad ones, using visualization and meditation, and maintaining good physical condition. It’s a fact that a strong person is harder to kill but it’s not just physical strength that matters. We have to ensure that we are emotionally, mentally and spiritually strong as well. This is what makes a “warrior” whole and once wholeness has been attained, we are ready and capable of dealing with whatever’s placed in front of us…and ready to go home alive afterward.

Think about it.


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About the author: Kerry Davis is a a former flight medic and paramedic in the USAF before going to work in the civilian sector as a critical care RN in an emergency room. When not dressed like Archer eating candy and sipping cocktails, Pocket Doc teaches classes for both Dark Angel Medical (his own company) and the Sig Sauer Academy. Davis believes in addition to being prepared for everyday life eventualities such as motor vehicle accidents and hunting mishaps, shooters should be prepared to fight like they bleed. Though he is justifiably proud of the Dark Angel Medical proprietary medical kits, he will be the first one to preach preparation of any kind. “Roll your own if you need to,” Kerry says. “Buy our kit, by another kit, put a kit together, but have one and know how to use it.” You can learn more about Dark Angel Medical on line or via their Facebook page.



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  1. Michmike

    Enjoyed the article and what it takes is someone having the willingness to speak up for someone else or speak out for what is right despite the fact it is unpopular.

    Change of subject: took your course in dexter, mi and I really enjoyed it and Ross did great job. I learned new things and it was a great refresher for things I learned in military. I really think everyone should take the course as it will make the difference between life and death.

    In someways that is what a warrior does, they train and learn skills not just for themselves but that can help others as well.

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