Warbricks: COBI Blocks Tanks, Planes, and Ships, Oh my!

March 30, 2022  
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Planes, tanks, ships, and subs. It can be hard to find accurate military model sets with playability. Look no further because a family in Montana going by Warbricks is importing COBI blocks to the U.S. The COBI sets pair fun and historical accuracy in their extensive range of military models that you can play with or that your kids’ can (wink, wink). I recently bought some, and I really like what I see.

Warbricks: Yes, I Played With Them

By Will Lawson

Warbricks started as an educational project back in 2020. Its purpose was to teach homeschool Mom Karen’s kids, David, Daniel, and Emilie, business skills like customer service, inventory management, and accounting. Now, Warbricks provides a wide range of high-end COBI brick sets to the U.S. In addition, they feature military brick models for all ages. So not only are you doing business with a family company, but you also stay away from toys from less agreeable places. 

Wabricks Team

The Warbricks Family Team: Karen and her kids David, Daniel, and Emilie. 

Importing COBI Blocks

Warbricks imports sets from the COBI company in Poland. COBI has been producing top-quality European plastic resin bricks since 1992. The sets that Warbricks import range from many different eras. They include ships, subs, tanks, aircraft, and even Maserati sports cars. No word on whether they actually do 185.

Cobi Tank M1A2 Abrams

Warbricks offers modern as well as historical build sets, cause you know you want a COBI tank.

The COBI blocks offer detailed models that are great for show, play, or both! I got the Sopwith Camel biplane to recreate the 3rd battle of Ypres with COBI planes, but I digress. The model sets are far more detailed than COBI’s LEGO competitors. Of course, that means you can’t customize as much as you can with LEGOs, but the COBI models are far more authentic-looking, which I prefer. 

Warbricks Heinkel

A World War II German Heinkel 111 bomber. The COBI human figures are a bit more realistic looking than their LEGO counterparts.

The models can appeal to a more adult market, giving the builder the details and sleek look of a standard model while also being cool toys for kids. If you want to make a Franken tank or whatever, COBI blocks are compatible with LEGO, so you should be able to whip something up. The figures that come with the set have a more human style, keeping with the theme of greater realism. They are also partially functional. For instance, the propellor on my Sopwith Camel turns. I love stuff like that. I may or may not yell “Contact!’ before spinning it.

Cobi Planes

My Sopwith Camel, piloted by Captain Roy Brown, lands in the snow on a cold March morning. Unfortunately, there’s not an optional Beagle pilot.

The sets have a layered design that makes for a solid build. Unfortunately, that can sometimes make mistakes a little unforgiving if you don’t notice them in time. I forgot one small piece, and it took me a while to backtrack, but the finished product is worth the extra attention to detail. The layered build style doesn’t leave much room for the figures to fit in, but some newer models have improved access if you want to include them. Overall, I liked the layered approach once I got used to it. It really helps with accuracy and a more realistic look. In addition, the detailed instructions are color-coded so you can easily keep track of each step. 

Cobi Blocks Instructions

The layered instructions were easy to follow when building my Sopwith Camel.

The only thing about the sets I don’t like are the stickers, but that’s just because I’m bad at putting them on. It’s not an actual problem; you just have to do it carefully. The stickers are accurate and look good once you get them on. 

Cobi Ships

Take command of the seas with the USS Missouri or USS Iowa sets, build your COBI ships armada.

My daughter and I have loved building and playing with our COBI sets. Warbricks has given me a great way to play and teach my daughter about history and even current events.


Cobi Ships U-Boat

The U-47 was one of the most successful German submarines in WW 2. She sunk a total of 31 enemy vessels.

Warbricks has started pre-orders on a Ghost of Kyiv Mig 29 Fulcrum set, which should be very sweet. Part of the proceeds will go toward relief efforts in Ukraine. I’ve already signed up to get mine. The Warbricks website says that the Ghost of Kyiv set may be limited to Europe, but that hasn’t been decided yet; it still doesn’t hurt to sign up for pre-order.

Cobi Planes Ghost of Kyiv

The newest of the COBI Planes, help Ukraine with the Ghost of Kyiv set now on pre-order.

The COBI “Smiling Sun” goal is to see children’s faces beaming with joy and happiness. They want to ensure that childhood is colorful and happy and lays a good foundation for successful and creative adult lives. Warbricks has expanded COBI’s reach, and from the look on my daughter’s face when she plays with our sets, I’d say they have definitely succeeded here. Not to mention the smile on my face when I play with them. Don’t judge me.

Cobi Blocks Maserati

My Maserati Does 185…

Warbricks continues to provide excellent products, and they have a bunch of new sets on the way to supplement their already impressive lineup. I know I’ll be buying more from them in the future. They’re fun to play with and fun to build. Or so I’m told. Who am I kidding? I totally play with them. So, if you like military models, especially ones you can play with, and supporting family businesses, head over to their website and check out all their great stuff. Bet you’ll be glad you did.

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Will Lawson is simply a nerdy dad trying to gain a more significant foothold in the gun world. He enjoys collecting old firearms, movies of all genres, and firing his hex receiver Mosin Nagant like his shoulder is invincible.



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