VG6 Precision Muzzle Devices, Knives and more

VG6 Precision is a California based firearms company that designs and manufactures some pretty sweet stuff, particularly (though by no means limited to) muzzle devices.

This article isn’t about any of that, however. We just wanted to show off the sweet knives VG6 hooked us up with a while back. Call it knife porn or whatever you want, we like ’em and thought we’d share. We also wanted to say haw haw we have one and you don’t, because they don’t actually offer ’em up for sale *snicker*. Oh, and we also wanted to show you some pictures of hawt girls with guns.

There’s something weirdly sexual about this picture.

20150126_16181220150126_161858 20150126_161844

If you’re really wondering about the muzzle devices, here’s an Epsilon 556 on a blaster carried by Tawny Lynn, in a photo by TracerX.



Fine, want another look at their muzzle devices?

VG6 Precision Gamm 556 on a blaster carried by Lily Urbane, in another sweet ass picture from TracerX.

20150126_161855 20150126_161806 20150126_161808 20150126_161829 20150126_161634

We’ll leave you with this — it’s a hint of things to come, very soon.

VG6 Precision AK

You can creep on follow Tawny Lynn here and Lily Urbane right here.

TracerX Photography can be found here.

You can find Stunt Gunner here.

Insurrection Arms is online here.

VG6 Precision, of course, is there here:

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