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"High capacity magazines" - the rifle kind - at gunmag warehouse. Read on to see what we think of gun magazine pedantry.
May 10, 2019  
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Gunmagwarehouse – you have to say it all at once; we’re not sure why. It’s a niche, online store for people like us and those of you who read the site you’re reading now. There are specialty stores for coffee, Legos, LARP swords, and all sorts of other things — why not for pistol and rifle mags? These folks have all kinds of gun magazines for sale. 

Anyway, such a wondrous place exists, dear readers. It’s a phenomenal font of fallalery fit to feed the finest of firearms. is where you’ll find it.

Grunts: Fallalery

Gunmag Warehouse

They even have those mags that the press is always talking about.

Gunmagwarehouse (dot com)

Gun Mag Warehouse has a stupid vast selection of magazines for just about every kind of mag-fed weapon commonly owned (and likely a few less so). OEM mags from S&W, Glock, SIG SAUER, Springfield Armory, and Ruger; and a wide range of after-market mags too: Magpul, ETS (Elite Tactical Systems), Hexmags, KCI…you’re likely seeing a trend here.

Gunmagwarehouse carries every conceivable brand of commonly used rifle magazine, and many that aren't so readily available. Clips for sale! (Not really, read on and we'll explain "magazine vs clipo" for ya.)

We’ve started using Gun Mag Warehouse, and we’re now partnered with them too – if you’re gonna buy some mags there, do it through one of our links. You’ll be doing us a solid.


Lancer mags at mag warehouse; keep reading, we'll explain magazine vs clip.

Lancer mags at the mag warehouse.

Gunmag Warehouse, as they tell it:

“We invite you to look around and see for yourself why we offer the best in firearm magazines and accessories. Find the ever popular Magpul PMag AR-15 magazine you’ve been looking for or better yet, see the AR-15 100 round magazine you didn’t even know you wanted. Maximize your home defense with the 12 gauge black polymer drum magazines to give you the best carrying capacity for your shotgun, and while you’re at it, browse through our dozens of 1911, semi-automatic, AK, AR-10 and SKS magazines to stock up at the maximum value for you.”


Clips for Sale

It’s a common mistake, the juxtaposition of magazine vs clip, though not one we’re inclined to wax pedantic about. Thankfully, while Gunmag Warehouse is perfectly happy to educate you, they don’t get too melodramatically riled up about it either. As their writer Paul Carlson says,

“It seems that gun enthusiast can get pretty worked up about seemingly silly issues. An example that easily comes to mind is how wound up gun owners can become about the use of proper terminology. More specifically, the misuse of terms like clip in place of the proper term magazine.

I actually can see both sides of the issue.”

Clips for sale! Magazine vs clip - it's good to know the difference, though gunmagwarehouse doesn't get pedantic about it.

Gunmagwarehouse, clips for sale!  a clip belt-fed, in an image from Reddit. The difference between mags and clips is more than a semantic one, and it’s an important one, but not one we (or GMW) will be rabidly punctilious about. Better to offer an explanation in civil discourse, sez we. Though we’d prefer proper terminology was used whenever possible. 

“When it comes to media coverage, I don’t trust the general press to get much right, especially when it comes to topics like firearms. Just because I don’t trust them to get it right doesn’t mean they shouldn’t. That is their job after all.

That leads us to the problem. When we as a collective group of firearms owners don’t hold ourselves to a high standard, it is difficult to hold outsiders to a higher standard. In fact, it may be impossible. When it comes to mainstream media reporting on the firearms industry, it seems to be wrong more often than right. More troubling is that the gun industry is often the source for the incorrect information…” Paul Carlson, Safety Solutions Academy, Magazine or Clip

Magazines deteriorate, just as ammunition and anything else does. Be sure to inspect yours regularly.

Rounds deterioriate and so do magazines. Gunmagwarehouse is an excellent place to get your new ones (though admittedly, we’re biased). Wanna know more about the hows and whys of inspecting your mags? Read the article Perpetuating Bullshit.


Glock magazines

Glock magazines at gunmagwarehouse.


High capacity assault mags - they're a thing, even for revolvers.

Gunmagwarehouse has all sorts of high capacity magazines for sale. They even have assault mags for revolvers! No, wait...


gunmagwarehouse - OEM and aftermarket magazines

You can buy from or not, your call – but if you do, how about using our link(s) to do it?


Learn more about GunMagWarehouse


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