Velocity Systems Trigger Gloves

Sometimes even companies we like, or whose gear we use, dick the dog. A product that doesn’t quite work right, or holds up well, or tastes good after brushing your teeth. Unfortunately, this is one of those times. Many of us use and love our Velocity Systems gear. We’ve told you so before. That doesn’t mean they always get it right.

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Damn did I want to like these gloves.

I really, really did.

But I can’t. I don’t. I won’t.

The Velocity Systems Trigger Gloves came to me like an angel in the night. They arrived with the promise of finally having a pair of shooting gloves I could wear without fear of feeling like I was running a Nerf gun wearing kitchen mitts. A set of gloves that would allow me to feel firsthand, instead of through a thick barrier; a set of gloves that could stand up to normal use and help protect my hands when they needed it.

Well, that angel lied. Or at least half lied.

Our tribe has written over 2 dozen books so far. Some are good, some bad, all are better love stories than Twilight.

The VS Trigger Gloves are thin. This is of course a selling point for people like myself who don’t wear gloves for shooting (the only time I do is when its cold or if I have a reasonable expectation of dealing with glass). I’m just not a glove guy (nor is Reeder, or Merrill), which makes me eyebrow any gloves with no small degree of suspicion. But I want to be a glove guy. Gloves provide advantages.

Velocity Systems Trigger Gloves
The Velocity Systems Trigger Gloves are thin.

Trigger Gloves offer great dexterity. They’re marketed as a “light duty glove,” so that’s exactly how I used them. I literally wore them for shooting and associated range tasks. Sadly it wasn’t long before I noticed problems. The wrist strap tends to pull and bunch, which is no big deal really, but it does push material under your palm. This creates an uneven surface which is not good for gun handling. This may have been a size issue, but because the gloves were tight and didn’t feel too big at all, I don’t believe it to was.

Trigger Gloves
The Velocity Systems Trigger Gloves

My next issue was with general use. Handgun and rifle, both with stippled grip surfaces; one day of use and the palm surface and a few of the fingers showed light wear. Now after a few weeks of range use the surface area is badly worn and has caused me to stop wearing the gloves all together. The gloves became a liability because they began snagging on surfaces and upsetting my chi in general. As far as the design goes, they are true to size and comfortable. Because the material is thin, grip is great.

Because the material is thin, you are likely to throw them away as I did.

These are too expensive to be considered disposable.

Velocity Systems Trigger Gloves
The Velocity Systems Trigger Gloves

Don’t get me wrong, if you have a need for an occasional, very light duty glove that feels like a second skin, this is the one. If you want to use that same glove to interact with solid or even slightly abrasive surfaces, find something else. If you just have to have them, I suppose you could wear better gloves over them…

But that would just be silly.

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