The Value of a Barbecue Gun

Image of Wilson Combat Texas Barbecue Special
| April 23, 2018
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Customizing the look, feel, and visual appeal of your pistol may seem meretricious, but let’s take a minute to consider the Barbecue Gun.

Do You Prefer Stock or Sunday-Go-To-Meetin’?

“Barbecue Gun” is an old Southwest term for guns that were not worn daily and didn’t exhibit the scratches, dents, and grooves a regular EDC pistol would acquire through use. They were functional guns (sometimes, heavily modified for better accuracy/reliability/etc.) that might have some custom engraving, polishing, or custom grips. Other terms include Church Gun and Court Gun (for wear to those places).

Grunts: meretricious

However, there’s something to be said for personalizing your EDC gun, as Tamara Keel (#tamrawesome) explains in the Shooting Illustrated article, Should You Carry a Barbecue Gun?

As she points out,

That’s something that’s with you all the time, worn close to your body and might be depended upon to save your life. Things don’t get much more personal than that.

Image of Customized Colt Combat Commander

Pictured above is a highly customized Colt Combat Commander from the NRA National Firearms Museum.

Keel observes that personalizing an EDC pistol can function the same as dressing well. Beauty may only be skin deep, but dressing well occurs in all the layers, even when only seen by the individual wearing them (head-nod to Victoria’s Secret and Joe Boxer).

…people tend to be more enthusiastic about hitting the range and getting some practice in when they have a bit of emotional investment in their gear. Besides, most of those coatings are super rust-resistant and often have a pretty good amount of natural lubricity, so they’re not merely good-looking; they actually help the gun function better.

Image of a gold pistol with embossed leather holster.

An old-school Barbecue Gun.

Read the full article online Shooting Illustrated. And, if you love the idea of super sexi-fying your favorite gun, check out Brimstone Gunsmithing.

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