Review: V Development Group Seraph Holster

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August 14, 2017  
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Review: V Development Group Seraph Holster

Alexander Crown

I know what you’re saying…another holster review. Yes, another holster review, I mean c’mon guys, you’re carrying a gun aren’t ya!? We all strive to find that perfect holster and a great many of us realize such a beast does not exist, I’m holding out for the day my finger is just a laser blaster. I guess at that point your hand is now the holster? Moving on.

A friend of mine turned me on to V Development Group because I, like most of you, seek Instagram Gold Star status through carrying a super tricked out Glock 19. A super tricked out Glock 19 frequently requires an RMR, and as you all know, sometimes finding a good holster for RMR carry can be troublesome — particularly for us smaller guys.

From V Development Group:

“The Seraph is the culmination of experience and application of specific knowledge, manifested into a comfortable, concealment oriented holster. While it is a very specifically designed with AIWB in mind, it can still be used as a traditional IWB holster. The holster is made out of Holstex Raptor at a thickness of .080 in an armor black color which very closely resembles leather. It is made to last through heavy use and abuse.”

I received my holster in the most normal way possible: an evidence bag. In the bag was the holster, a large neoprene wedge, a metal clip, and two soft loops, but (to my disappointment) no bloodied ice pick or similar sign the evidence bag had been previously used. The metal clip was pre-installed and has stayed in that position for the extent of my use.

This is my first experience with a clip like this on a holster, and I like it much better than any plastic clips or soft loops I’ve used in the past. If you aren’t happy with the factory placement or attachment method there are several pre-drilled holes for adjusting depth of carry or attachment, and two screws to adjust pistol retention.

The Seraph has a Raven Concealment Vanguard Claw installed to assist concealment, which is a nice touch.

A notable feature is the neoprene foam wedge that came with the holster. The wedge is sold as a “universal” piece meaning it could go on any IWB holster or other items if you desired, using the included sticky Velcro piece. The purpose is to push the holster into your gut making it more concealed and to keep the muzzle slightly further from your femoral artery or your man/ lady bits. The wedge measured about one inch thick, which coincidently is way too thick for me to comfortably wear. I reached out to VDEVGRU and they advised trimming the wedge ¼” at a time.

One of the first things I noticed about my Seraph was the back edge of the sweat guard was just a little sharp for my supple dad tummy. A quick swipe of some 220 grit sand paper and that was a thing of the past. The Holstex Raptor material does resemble leather but feels like you would expect; Kydex. I am definitely not a big leather guy, never have been, so the Kydex feel is welcome. I carry a Glock 19 with a threaded barrel, and to compensate for this my holster is meant for a Glock 17. It has been my experience that having the threaded portion covered is much more comfortable than a small nub poking me (*snicker*). Of course, since this holster is sized for a Glock 17 it will fit all other similarly framed Glocks, because Glocks are the perfect handgun and everyone should have several.

V Development Group is relatively new to the industry and their products show they’ve done some research. I’ve been carrying with mine daily for the past several months and have no complaints. The durability appears to be there, the fit and finish are on point, and most important I am comfortably carrying AIWB all day long, even when sitting a desk for hours.

You can get more info on VDEVGRU’s holsters here their website, follow them on IG@vdevelopmentgroup or find them on FB at VDEVGRU.

-Alexander Crown

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Alexander Crown

Alexander Crown

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