The Truth About Negroes and Foreigners

(…and Catholics and Freemasons and – best of all — dormroom dumbfucks.)

The ridiculofucktasticanidiotricism we just saw in Charlottesville, VA, is perhaps the most breathtakingly histrionic display of ignorance we’ve seen in a long time. It did, however, give us the chance to see such things as a black police officer defending white supremacist neo-Nazis from Antifa counter-protesters, as well as some (quite understandably) aggravated black folks. Plus, commies and hipsters.

Think about that for a minute. Outside of a movie, where else but here could you possibly see such a thing?

Here’s what we think. White supremacists and white nationalists can fuck off. Antifa can fuck off. James Alex Fields, Jr. can fuck off (it’s nice that Virginia has the death penalty, but he’ll likely be found mentally ill — which he likely is). Anyone who seeks to profit politically from something like this can fuck off. Anyone who speaks hypocritically about events like what happened in Charlottesville can fuck off.

Any hate group, and anyone who conflates a hate group’s demagoguery with someone else’s political stance or ethnicity can fuck off.

1 killed, a couple dozen people injured, and 2 LEOs dead…WTF? What century are we in?

This was despicable and unAmerican.

Be a good American. Don’t be a sucker.

We’ll close with a hat tip to Michael Rapaport.



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2 thoughts on “The Truth About Negroes and Foreigners

  • August 15, 2017 at 10:26 am

    Be careful. The comments on your facebook page from you and other commentators make it sound like your page is condoning violence (e.g. giving someone a tune up) against ideological fuckwits. Violence has a way of escalating quickly and could end with a felony charge, or worse, a use of lethal force.

  • August 15, 2017 at 9:43 am

    “as a black police officer defending white supremacist neo-Nazis from Antifa counter-protesters,” I’ve kind of seen this before….

    Back in the 60’s the Nazis came out to protest and march in Marquette Park, Chicago. At the time it had a large Jewish population. Remember, WWII was only end in Europe only 20 years before and Chicago had a Polish population larger than Warsaw. Many of the police had served in the war.

    The Jewish defense league surrounds and quickly out numbers the Nazis marchers. It looks ugly and soon it’s only a thin blue line separating the angry counter protestors from the Nazis.

    Knowing how this could go, one of the Nazis marchers asked my dad’s partner, “You’re not going to let them get us, are you officer?”

    Pete replies, “I still have relatives in Warsaw…”

    I’m told the protest ended peacefully………..


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