Troops In Contact 1970

sergeant kregg “hero” jorgenson
| October 24, 2015
Categories: Op-Eds

Troops In Contact 1970

It’s always a little sobering to watch the American Jedi who went before us, think about what their deployments must have been like and what they might be up to now.

Hat tip to Feral Jundi.

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  1. Josh

    That is real journalism


    Jesus Christ. A lot of my mates were Vietnam vets, and I was looking forward to watching this. But when I clicked the video I got a “The uploader has not made this available in your country” message.

    So you guys are discriminatig against Australians now? That’s the biggest micro aggression I’ve ever experienced. A macro aggression even. And no fucking trigger warning or anything. Orth is gonna be so pissed, and you know You Don’t Want That.

    I’m gonna…I’m gonna….I dunno…I’m gonna go drink more beer. So there.

    • Steve

      There’s two kinds of people I hate. Folks who are intolerant of other people’s cultures… and Australians.

    • Mad Duo

      Sorry dude. That’s on your country, or YouTube, or that shitwit down the street whose been hacking us. Not a conscious effort on our part!

      • LSWCHP

        Not your fault fellas…my rant was just a joke, but I apologise anyway. So fuck youtube instead.

        I eventually found the footage on the CBS website along with more info.

        Sgt Hero who caught one in the leg is Kregg Jorgenson…a genuine badass, warrrior, author, weapon instructor and all round interesting Jedi type. Google for him…it’d be worth BBC doing an article about his life I reckon.


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