TRIGGRcon 2018 – Who Will Win the Golden TRIGGR?

That picture you see below ↓↓↓↓↓ is a rotation of just some of the booths along one wall of TRIGGRcon 2018.TRIGGRcon-2018- some of the booths along the wall of Side One

Rainier Arms
Rainier Arms has all kinds of gun-building goodness…and they’re a member of JTF Awesome. 

TRIGGRcon begins in just a few days. If you’re anywhere in the neighborhood of Bellevue, Washington, do yourself a favor and swing on by. Not sure what TRIGGRcon is? Read up on it right here in our interview with its founder, John Hwang. TRIGGRcon (@triggrcon) can be found at the Meydenbauer Center — it will be the convention with all the badass blaster bits, bitchin’ boomsticks, and the wide array of innovative companies.

If you see a bunch of porn stars or rodeo clowns, you’re at the wrong convention. If you see the likes of Fortis Manufacturing, Faxon Firearms, CMC Triggers, Bobro Engineering, or Bootleg Builder Inc., then you’re in the right place.

Check this out. You can click the map to get to the actual TRIGGRcon exhibitor section.

See you there. We’ll be hitting a number of places, including several a few who build parts we’re gonna use to put together the “TRIGGRcon Boss Build”…though we’re not exactly sure what it’ll be yet. AR pistol or rifle, maybe one of those terrible Ghost Guns that Defense Distributed makes possible. We’ll see.

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