Throat Cutting Functionality from your Wallet

| June 5, 2015
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RE factor, seller of all things bad-ass and cool-guy, has recently released a new series of metal tool cards many might find appealing. What do you have in your wallet that can cut throats? Mad Duo

Murr 2015

Throat Cutting Functionality from your Wallet 

These tempered 301 stainless steel, credit card-sized tools are thin and light, allowing for easy carry in a wallet or nearly any survival kit. Aside from having some serious ninja appeal, each card contains features that can make a serious difference in a survival situation. Designed by former SF bubbas, the cards contain break away tools which remain hidden away until needed. 

Murr 2015

Hostage Escape Card

The Hostage Escape Card can be concealed inside a wallet, pouch or pocket for ease of carry and concealment. The card comes with a thin, durable fabric cover to protect the tools and offer an additional level of concealment. Manufactured by Readyman, the card provides six tools to allow for escaping most forms of illegal detention. Designed as a “last ditch effort kit”, the card should help a trained user escape from illegal restraint in the form of locks, handcuffs and cordage bound around hands or feet. For those that hang out in some shady establishments of ill repute, or just have some plain crazy sexual partners, you might want to stash a card under your pillow!  A miniature hacksaw blade quickly and easily pops off the card’s frame, allowing one to saw through rope, chains, wood, zip ties or wire. This might prove to be an indispensable tool should you face a dominatrix that doesn’t honor the safe word or if you get snatched up by some narco terrorists in Columbia. Made right here in the good ole’ US of A, the Hostage Escape card can be carried daily in your wallet, but from what we are told you don’t wan to fly with it on your person. TSA apparently will have a hissy fit and completely lose their minds over your shiny new James Bond card. 

Dimensions: 3.5″L x 2”H

Weight: 0.04 LBS


Quick Stick


Handcuff Shim


Tension Wrench

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Murr 2015

Wilderness Survival Card

The Wilderness Survival card is most definitely our favorite, This little guy has just about everything you need to survive a turn for worse on land and sea. The card has a ton of small tools that might make all the difference for an unplanned stay in the bush. The edge of the card breaks away, providing a double edge saw with small and large cutting teeth, as well as a large three prong trident. Use the trident or the included arrowhead to fashion a makeshift spear or arrow. The card also holds four single-curve fishing hooks, and five double-prong hooks to catch some grub. Two different sized snare locks can double as spoon lures, and it even includes a set of tweezers formed by bending the steel in half. You will also find two sewing needles to help mend gear, magnetize to find north, or thread a suture. This card is small enough for wallet, but will be equally suited in an altoids-tin sized survival or E&E kit. Its pretty damn clever, and will keep the small survival cards from going missing until broken free. 

Dimensions: 3.5″L x 2”H



Small Game Arrowhead


Dual Sided Saw

Snare Locks (4)

Sewing Needles (2)

Fishing Hooks (9)


Murr 2015

B5 Systems2

We love survival and escape gear, and it’s cool to see that RE Factor has increased their lineup with these interesting and useful cards. Check out their website for more information and pricing. 

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  1. Grump

    Wow. That’s too mall ninja for Gecko45. I can keep it with my Ginsu knives.

  2. Bob

    Cool but how are you going to shove those up your ass before you’re rendered?

  3. B T Webb

    Interesting… I got one of these Readyman cards for free (shipping only) a few weeks ago in an online promo. Definitely not worth $25.

    The tensioner and rake are way under-sized and the metal too thin/soft to take much stress (let alone sawing)

  4. Olivia Murray

    I am interested in your wilderness survival card. Too awesome. Not to use on anyone or anything other than fish for food, mend clothes or defend myself if needed


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