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Thermal targets from IR.Tools
| July 29, 2020
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You can have the best thermal scope there is, but only a few of us will ever meet its mechanical potential without good, consistent training. Something that helps with effort (in the case of your thermal rifle scope or similar device, that is) are thermal targets. Specifically, silhouette targets for zeroing and deadly force training as well as zeroing targets for hunting and recreation. The best thermal scope made won’t help you if you don’t know how to use it properly.

To that end, check out these…

Thermal Targets

IR.Tools (InvProTools)

Released just a couple of weeks ago by Crofton, MD-based IR.Tools, the high contrast passive infrared (IR) shooting targets are powered by a 12- or 24-volt battery. The manufacturer advises the lightweight and heat-efficient target will remain intact for more than 500 rounds, providing a consistent thermal image without flaring.

Silhouette Targets

Powered E-Type Silhouette Thermal Target

MSRP $69.00 as of this writing.

Thermal targets in use

  • SAFE — No wires to short circuit or fire hazards.
  • 12/24V
  • 21ST CENTURY – Fabroc Heat Technology
  • DURABLE — Tested to over 500 rounds.
  • EFFICIENT — Powers up on low voltage batteries.
  • NO FLARING — Thermal heat contrast is consistently distinct.
  • VERSATILE — No limitations for your shooting.
  • TRAIN SMART — IR.Tools powered target is more realistic.
  • EASY — Hang with Standard Grommets.
  • 18 in. X 26 in. Dimensions

*This target can be powered by any 12V/24V DC Power Supply (Lithium Battery, Lead-Acid Battery or Transformer).

Shooting Target Longevity

Fabroc Technology

The targets are made of a rubber-like material and have no wires to short circuit from bullet penetration. Heat is provided by what they describe as a “virtually indestructible” proprietary “Fabroc” technology (q.v.).

As we understand it, some of the shooters who train at Ft. Bragg,  NC have been shooting at the same durable Fabroc targets for nearly a decade. IR.Tools is now working to provide the same kind of powered thermal target to hunters, recreational shooters, military personnel, and law enforcement officers alike.

Silhouette targets with thermal compatibility

IR.Tools silhouette targets are described as being very durable, with significant potential longevity for someone looking to train with thermal targets.

Tom Boyer, IR.Tools owner, says,

“We now provide our optics customers a one-stop-shop for all their thermal targets. Passive or Powered we will service them with a premium thermal target.”

An unnamed Range Manager at Ft. Bragg has reportedly said, “The unmatched number of shot it takes while maintaining a clear, realistic image to shoot is incredible.”

Longevity if obviously a value add, but so too is their apparent ease of use. This simplicity should make the targets good for even the most complicated training scenarios (or just a long time shooting for fun).

Thermal scope targets for training

In addition to silhouette targets, IR.Tools has hunting targets available too.

In addition to advanced weapon training targets, IR.Tools provides proprietary passive IR patches — something they’ve done since 2006 — as well as passive IR targets, zeroing targets, and thermal vehicle markers for superior IFF protection. Their shooting targets for night vision and thermal image training are used all over the world.

Find them online: INV PRO TECH Tools.

Here’s an example of a recreational IR.Tools target suitable for your thermal scopes and optics (or other IR aiming device):

Coyote Target

Shooting Target, Coyote, Low Voltage

MSRP $69 as of this writing.

Note that this target requires a 12V power supply and connection kit, also available at IR. Tools. 

Coyote target for thermal scope

A coyote target for thermal scope. If no power is available it reverts to a passive thermal target.


Current Draw at 12V = 1.15A
Power Consumption at 12V = 14W
5590 mAh Battery (12V Battery Life) = 13h
Current Draw at 24V = 2.3A
Power Consumption at 24V = 56W
5590 mAh Battery (24V Battery Life) = 3.25h

Protecting Those Who Protect Us is the IR.Tools self-avowed mission. Their goal is to bring the men and women who risk their lives everyday home safe to their loved ones. Tom Boyer’s passion for innovation and vision has resulted in 21 patents; his company assures end-user that IR.Tools protection is top-notch.


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