Six-C Survival Rifle

A survival rifle (SHTF/bugout rifle) built by Alexander Crown with a complete survival kit aboard.
January 6, 2019  
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His Lordship Ser Alexander Crown has started a YouTube Channel; here’s a look at the very first video. In it, he discusses what we’ll call the “Six C Survival Rifle,” those Cs, of course, being the 5 Cs of survival (Cutting tools, Combustion, Cover, Cordage, and Container) plus 1 for Alexander Crown. Not least because we love him.

SIX-C Takedown Survival Rifle

Crown’s Cutting Combustion Cover Cordage Container Survival Rifle.

Note: we’re the only ones calling this the Six-C Survival Rifle. We tried to figure out how to work Carbine in there, so we could have seven Cs, but it just didn’t take. Alexander himself labeled it the “Best 22 SHTF/BUG-OUT Rifle Assembly 10/22 Takedown.” We’d have shown you this before, but we didn’t even realize it was posted until we spotted it on his Instagram feed a couple days back.

On with the build. Crown says this takedown build was organized with the 5Cs of survival in mind. This makes it relatively all-encompassing and thus ready to grab and go. It is important to note that these items are intended to supplement true EDC items, i.e. while there is a razor blade in the stock, he expects to already have a pocket knife on his person. If you’re the type to walk out the door in a pair of chaps and a wifebeater t-shirt with nothing more than some lip balm, an old piece of candy, and some lint in your pocket, this may not be enough to support your effort to go full “Book of Eli.”

That said, we applaud your willingness to venture forth in just chaps. That’s ballsy, dude. In any case, here’s a rundown of the build. A list of what’s inside is below the video.

This takedown 10-22 SHTF rifle contains elements to address all five Cs of survival.

This is a Ruger 10-22 Takedown in a Magpul Backpacker stock with Tactical Solutions SBX Takedown barrel (which has a permanently attached shroud) with a raised stock. To that he’s attached a 4-lug Gemtech .22 QD adapter, the latter attached so that the suppressor could be moved back and forth between this and other weapons. It features a Magpul Micro Red Dot attachment piece with a 3MOA Vortex Optics Venom up top; he describes the Venom as “…perfect for this application” and we’re inclined to take his word.

Note that the raised cheekpiece was chosen both for additional storage and to improve his ability to use the optic. The sling is an old VTAC he had in his Leftover Chest of Many Treasures, attached with 550 cord for reasons he explains.

Here’s a look:

This is a basic list of what he has tucked inside. Some of this is in the central storage area, some behind the backplate in what he refers to as the “sustainment” area, q.v.

Opened up there is a 35 gallon trash bag; keeps the rattle down and can be part of the Cover portion of the 5Cs.

• Razor blade for the Cutting portion of the kit (should augment a knife already on your person if at all possible). 

• A cut-down hacksaw blade expands the Cutting portion; this can be used to strike fire if you have a striker rod (Ferrocerium) and can be fitted with a piece of wood to make employment easier as an actual saw at need.

• Small spool of Kevlar thread, giving roughly 20 ft.  of Cordage

• A lighter, for Combustion, plus a couple of wax coated cosmetic wipes for tinder.

• Two water bags from Wazoo Survival (for Container). 

Additionally, the loadout contains

• A wrist-mount compass (unattached), which tucks right into a niche in the stock nicely, 

• A 10 round spare magazine loaded with 42gr Gemtech subsonic ammunition, 

• A box of 50 extra rounds, which fits now that he’s carved extra space out of the cheek piece (thus giving it a 70 round total),

• An Allen Wrench for the backplate (thus availing him of the sustainment items inside), 

• A small Inova task light, 

• 5 small zip ties, constrained by a drinking straw tube, 

• 20 ft. of 4lb test fishing line folded and fed through a heat shrink tube

• Duct tape with a safety pin with 2 swivels, sewing needle, split-weights, and fishing hooks, plus an additional small roll, and

• A couple of Ketodine tablets stashed in the waterproof compartment on the bottom of the stock along with his water bags. 

We think that’s a pretty savvy assembly – what say you?

Now, go immediately and subscribe to his YouTube Channel. Then go check out the entire list of his articles.



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⚠️ Some hyperlinks in this article may contain affiliate links. If you use them to make a purchase, we will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.


⚠️ Some hyperlinks in this article may contain affiliate links. If you use them to make a purchase, we will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. It’s just one way to Back the Bang. #backthebang 

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  1. Mike

    I have to say, this is a really neat gun.
    However, for myself something like this is probably never going to find it’s way in my life.
    A survival rifle needs to be reliable, of correct caliber for region, and with useful iron sights.
    Furthermore, I believe the ammunition must be reloadable.
    Finally, acquiring it must be in easy financial reach.
    I find takedown 22s to be fun things to imagine, but when it all falls apart I would rather shoulder a Mauser, or a Marlin levergun.

  2. Mark Andrew Edwards

    I’ve been thinking about this rifle choice off and on quite a bit. I don’t know if anyone’s going to read this, but here’s my thoughts.

    I think this is ‘neat’ but not a good idea. As an exercise in use of space, it’s pretty cool. And perhaps if I was a pilot, I can see toss this in my flight bag just in case of a crash. But I can’t endorse it as a bug out tool. Here’s why:

    The caliber choice is a big part. .22 LR is great for light game and it might be useful vs humans but…I’m just not confident in it. Even using 40 grain solid CCI MiniMags, reliable ignition is just not guaranteed and getting into a fight where you get a ‘click’ instead of a ‘bang’ strikes me as an avoidable risk. Then we have the suppressor. With .22 LR, it seems to me that you want all the velocity you can get and losing a few hundred feet per second, again, seems to be a bad choice. .22 LR isn’t exactly a loud report anyway. Suppressed .22 is an assassination and possibly hunting choice. I’ll admit, I have no experience actually shooting people with it, but from what I’ve read I just don’t see it as a good bug out gun caliber.

    For me, I’d want a centerfire round. Ideally a rifle, perhaps a Kel Tec SU-16C or that new RDB Survival, if it shakes out well. Something light, maybe an ultralight AR build with a folding stock. Or a pistol caliber carbine, a small Palmetto State carbine or a Ruger Takedown PC carbine or back to Kel-Tec, the Sub-2000. A 9mm carbine is a good compromise, you can carry a goodly amount of 9mm ammo without too much extra weight. Or 5.56 is Lancer mags if we go with a light M4gery.

    Then there’s the extra ‘stuff’ added in. Which is cool and all but really, if I’m bugging out and I have enough presence of mind to grab a rifle, I’m going to just grab the backpack that the rifle is in. I’ll have my cover, cordage, combustion, cutting tool and container there and I’ll have more and better quality options too instead of ultra-light.

    I think single-purpose tools just work better. I want my rifle to make holes in things, I’m not going to use it to cut wire or open beer cans or hold razor blades and kevlar thread. I’d rather remove all those things and make my rifle that much lighter and stow those survival resources in a better container.

    I think this might work as a niche choice for pilots but that’s about it.

    My $.02 and maybe only worth half of that.

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