Fuller, the Yeager, the Saiga Import Ban (XO 13662) and mail order brides

Facebook, Twitter and the bowels of most pro-gun owners have all been in an uproar recently about the Executive Order recently issued by POTUS banning Saiga shotguns. This Executive Order also (depending on which “news source” you pay attention to) bans VEPRs, vodka, Russian surnames, Russian built AK47s and mail-order Russian brides.

As with any de facto gun control measure thinly veiled as something else entirely (like “economic sanctions”), this Executive Order is important enough that we should all really understand what it’s about – and how we can respond. To that end we present Jim Fuller of Rifle Dynamics, interviewed here by James Yeager of Tactical Response.

Jim Fuller 2

Note – should anything in this be taken to mean we approve of the Executive Order? Of course not. It’s the sort of governance-by-fiat fuckery that make us want badly to fast forward to the next Presidential election (or get a do-over on the last one). We absolutely agree with Jim on the need for independent American design and manufacture  – we just think it was awfully convenient that Kalashnikov Concern was among the first victims of the sanctions.

Jim Fuller

Joint Task Force Awesome – Bravo Team

You can read the entirety of Executive Order 13662 here.

Interestingly, Kiev Connections is apparently still open.

Russian bride

Oh, and on the subject of AKs  –


Mad Duo Over

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