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OMag - Overwatch Precision
| February 17, 2023
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Overwatch Precision has a 9mm mag for the MP5 variants and clones alike—the Polymer 32-round “OMag.” Good news for the growing roller-lock community!

Overwatch Precision OMag inserted in gun

Photo Credits to @OverwatchPrecision.

Overwatch Precision mentions explicitly on their product page compatibility with the Heckler & Koch MP5, SP5, and other common MP5 variants. Additionally, the OMag is built with a proprietary polymer composite that Overwatch Precision promises to have unmatched reliability and durability. It’s also engineered to feed well with full autos like the MP5K weapons platform, making sure you can Mag Dump without issue.

 Overwatch Precision OMag in HK firearm

Photo Credits to @OverwatchPrecision.

It seems that Overwatch Precision is set on giving the growing roller-lock community a functional and reliable alternate to expensive steel mags to which they have become accustomed. Bonus points to the OMag because they are entirely end-user serviceable, being easy to tinker with is always a huge plus. Let’s jump into the official product specifications they’ve got listed on the website.

OMag in HK firearm

Photo Credits to @OverwatchPrecision.

OMag Specifications

  • 32-Round Standard capacity
  • Stainless steel spring
  • Fiber-filled proprietary polymer for unmatched durability
  • Front and rear texturing for positive control
  • Hi-vis follower
  • Easy disassembly for maintenance
  • Complete rebuild kits are available

If you’re interested in learning more about the OMag, check it out at Overwatch Precision’s website. The OMag’s slated MSRP is $24.95.

More Pics from Social Media

OMag magazine from Overwatch Precision

“#Kompkat” – @OverwatchPrecision


OMag next to line of cartridges

“#32” – @OverwatchPrecision


Shooting an HK firearm with Overwatch Precision Magazines

Photo Credits to @OverwatchPrecision


H&K on the Range



Man shooting Mp5 on the Range

“No filing or fitting required. Just 32 rounds of joy. #OMAG 📷: @afteractionaz” – @OverwatchPrecision


Precision Overwatch OMags next to a box of ammo

“#FullySemiAutomatic 📷: @afteractionaz” – @OverwatchPrecision


Woman shooting HK with Overwatch Precision Omag

“The #MP5 always makes for a good range day.” – Overwatch Precision

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