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OMag - Overwatch Precision
August 25, 2023  
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Here’s a highlight for the expanding roller-lock community: You might find yourself looking at an Overwatch Precision MP5 Magazine. This article aims to shed light on this product and why it is becoming one of the go-to choices amongst this expanding community.

Overwatch Precision OMag inserted in gun

Photo Credits to @OverwatchPrecision.

What is Overwatch Precision MP5 Magazine

The “OP Polymer magazine,” or OMAG – a term affectionately bestowed by its creators and an ever-growing user base, is a new-age, 32-round, 9mm polymer MP5 magazine designed not just for the much-acclaimed Heckler & Koch MP5 but also its counterparts – the SP5, 94, and all other HK MP5 clones.

This magazine, crafted out of Overwatch Precision’s proprietary polymer construct, provides a durable and affordable solution and ensures that reliability isn’t compromised in both full and semi-auto operations. The magazine might be a snug fit initially, but it beds perfectly into German magwells over time.

Please note that this Overwatch MP5 magazine does not fit New Frontier Armory C5 Lowers.

 Overwatch Precision OMag in HK firearm

Photo Credits to @OverwatchPrecision.

Features of the Overwatch MP5 Magazine

Some of the key attributes that set this Overwatch Precision MP5 Magazine apart include:

  • Fiber-reinforced polymer construction ensures optimal durability.
  • Ability to hold a standard capacity of 32 rounds.
  • A removable base pad simplifies cleaning and maintenance.
  • Engineered to feed full auto MP5K cyclic rates.
  • Minimizes chances of obstructed reloads by downloading to 30-rounds conveniently.
  • Comes with the added advantage of being rebuildable.
  • 100% made in the USA, providing an assurance of quality.
  • Adds 3-922r Compliance parts to your weapon build.

The Overwatch Precision MP5 Magazine has etched its own niche, becoming an increasingly popular, reliable 32-round polymer MP5 magazine stand-in, offering supreme functionality and saving you from shelling out on pricier steel alternatives.

OMag in HK firearm

Photo Credits to @OverwatchPrecision.

The Overwatch Precision MP5 Magazine has continued to try to prove that polymer can match, if not surpass, its more traditional steel counterpart in terms of reliability and toughness. Overwatch Precisions intentional design seeks to ensure that. Reports and reviews say when used in full-auto mode or during closed-bolt reloads, this polymer MP5 magazine functions accordingly. The magazine is designed to accommodate full auto MP5K cyclic rates. It is also serviceable by the end user, which is always a huge plus. The Overwatch Precision MP5 Magazine is available on the market today for those looking for a decent capacity magazine; the Overwatch Precision MP5 magazine seems to be one of the better options available.

Interested readers can delve deeper into this product by visiting the official Overwatch Precision website. The OMag’s MSRP is $24.95.

With their polymer MP5 magazine design, Overwatch Precision has aimed for a balance between affordability, interoperability, and quality. The magazine has been noted by the roller-lock community and is a solid addition to the firearms market.

More Pics from Social Media

OMag magazine from Overwatch Precision

“#Kompkat” – @OverwatchPrecision


OMag next to line of cartridges

“#32” – @OverwatchPrecision


Shooting an HK firearm with Overwatch Precision Magazines

Photo Credits to @OverwatchPrecision


H&K on the Range



Man shooting Mp5 on the Range

“No filing or fitting required. Just 32 rounds of joy. #OMAG 📷: @afteractionaz” – @OverwatchPrecision


Precision Overwatch OMags next to a box of ammo

“#FullySemiAutomatic 📷: @afteractionaz” – @OverwatchPrecision


Woman shooting HK with Overwatch Precision Omag

“The #MP5 always makes for a good range day.” – Overwatch Precision


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