The Mute Silencer: Heat-Resistant Non-Metallic 3D Printed (-ish) Can

"The Mute" non-metallic suppressor
| February 26, 2021
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We sure hope what they’re saying about The Mute silencer is true and cool, and not bullshit. Not because there’s anything wrong with the cans we’ve had in the past, but because we like to see innovation and ingenuity in the industry. Plus, the company that makes ’em isn’t only from our home state, they’re from our founder’s hometown.

That’s just kewl.

Anyway, to The Mute. The manufacturer’s release says,

“The Mute offers a combination of durability, low weight, and excellent sound reduction without baffles. Utilizing the Venturi Effect, The Mute was designed to remain incredibly cool, making it mild to the touch and allowing you to remove…after firing. [It] integrates self-thermal regulation via the Thermal Shroud function [to]…reduce recoil and regulate the heat for less mirage, muzzle rise, and blowback.”

So. It’s non-metallic and it doesn’t use baffles. Vurrry interdasting. Does a lack of baffles affect the requirement for a tax stamp? Does the word baffle remind anyone else of the hot dog stand in Highlander? The latter is far more likely than the former.

And sorta 3D printed? That is interesting as well…unless “advanced form 3D print” is just a made-up marketing term.

Again – we’re passing along what they claim. We’re neither verifying nor disputing it.


Also interesting is the way it attaches: it just screws on to the flash hider that accompanies it…though we’d be interested to see how that muzzle device actually functions as a flash hider (see specs below).

The Mute suppressor attaches to its own accompanying flash hider.

The Mute suppressor attaches to its own accompanying flash hider. Verrrry simply. Like Lego guns. Or Goat Gun miniatures. Or something.


"The Mute" baffle-less suppressor

We don’t know all the dimensions yet, nor have seen any 3rd party testing. There’s no way to tell if this will be the “quietest” or “bestest” silencer in its class — or what sort of lifespan a user might expect…but it seems reasonable to wonder if it might not be the most lightweight Quick Detach (QD) suppressor available. Unless that polymer is heavier than Ti or whatever other unobtainium is out there.


The Mute Silencer

Proprietary Polymer to fight heat and noise.

It’s non-metallic because it’s manufactured with a proprietary aerospace polymer referred to in their literature as D28 material, which apparently has at least some properties that are closer to glass than plastic. Those properties help with temperature control. D28 is not as cool sounding as proto-molecule or red matter but it does kinda have that same sort of ambiguous, brevity-induced gravitas. The Mute is built by virtue of something called an “Advanced Form 3D Print” which is evidently similar to what most of us think of when we think 3D printing, but not something that can be done at home on a commercial machine.

More from the release to explain that:

“The Mute is a baffleless nonmetallic design consisting of a thermal shroud and flash hider mount. Incorporating advanced manufacturing techniques and our proprietary D28 material, The Mute’s innovations result in a sleek and resilient unibody, with excellent thermal regulation and portability.”

The Mute Suppressor

The Mute doesn’t use baffles because of its “Thermal Shroud”. In simplest terms, it harnesses the gases generated by shooting (pushing them out the front) to draw cold air across the can from the rear. In more complicated terms, it uses something called “The Venturi Effect” to mitigate heat while it also does what a can is supposed to: suppress noise.

The release continues,

“As the bullet travels through The Mute, gases are focused out the front vent, bringing cool air in from the rear. The more rounds you fire the more air is cycled through allowing the Mute to cool faster.”

“The intended purpose is to not trap and cool, rather direct gas through the thermal shroud. The improved thermal shroud instead uses a venturi effect to mitigate the heat. The average temperature is 97°F – 120°F even with intense rapid-fire. The exterior wall is tame to the touch allowing you to remove the Mute even after intensive shooting compared to traditional suppressors.”

"The Mute" silencer uses the "Venturi Effect" to reduce noise and heat.

“The Mute” silencer uses the “Venturi Effect” to reduce noise and heat.


The use of the Venturi Effect is another reason we think The Mute is cool. Why? Because Popular Science says it’ll go effortlessly from blow to suck.


The Mute will initially be available in 5.6mm NATO, 9x19mm Parabellum (9mm Luger), and 22LR. We’re told eventually there will be a .45 and a .30 cal version available as well. Note that a user would need to use a flash hider that accompanies The Mule in order to use it. This has the advantage of making it QD. It has the disadvantage of limiting your options of muzzle device (but most other such cans do too, so that likely won’t be a dealbreaker.

Next up: maybe you should clean your can! 

Launch price is expected to be $599. After the end of May that will likely climb to $799.

You can learn more on their website.

The Mute Suppressor: available calibers

The Mute Suppressor: flash hider specs

There's no downside to having The Mute Suppressor (or any suppressor) in your range bag.

The best range bag will have a silencer in it! Whether that’s The Mute or something else entirely, be polite when you (don’t) go loud!




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