Veteran Entitlement: the Military Discount

veteran asks for military discount
October 5, 2015  
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If you’re one of those dudes who goes from restaurant to restaurant on Veteran’s Day to get free chow or one of those who is indignant when you don’t get 10% off because you have a CAC card — go choke yourself. Has over a decade of war created some sense of entitled “Vet Privilege?” Many folks think so. Today’s guest op-ed is from a combat veteran (yes, we vetted him) who runs a small tactical/firearms business in the Midwest. Because of the tomfuckery this opinion (which many of us agree with) will generate we have had to leave him anonymous.

We’ll call him Jack Benteen; if you really want to talk to him, drop by Nancy’s Squat’n’Gobble for some biscuits & gravy and a lapdance. He’ll prob’ly be there. Just keep in mind, we’re talking about veterans who feel entitled to more than what they’re really entitled to, if that make sense. You already get your own home loans and the right to be labeled a protected veteran; quit asking for half off your tactical tidbits too.

Mad Duo


The Veteran Discount

I would have to say the absolute worst customers I have are military veterans. I am sorry that is how it is, but they are. I am writing this piece to vent my frustrations about the entitlement attitude of today’s veterans. I own a small business where the profit margins are minimal and if I gave the standard military discount I would have to close my doors. It is that simple.

Let’s address the entitled veteran. It seem almost impossible to not see a story where a so called veteran has been slighted in some way. I use the term veteran because that seems to be the nomenclature used for everyone who spent a solitary week at basic to those who recently started wearing the dysfunctional/disabled/combat/cold war/Vietnam/OEF/OIF/DD214 hats. On my own Facebook feed there was an uproar because someone didn’t get their Home Depot discount after producing an expired VA identification card. Sorry kid, that girl was following their policies and your card was expired.

You know what doesn’t expire….a DD214.

You know what else? You are not entitled to a discount. Only the U.S. government owes you something, if that. Has anyone ever seen the line at Golden Corral on Veteran’s Day? It is embarrassing to see all those “veterans” standing in line for a cheap meal. Take some pride in yourself. Guess what, Golden Corral doesn’t owe you anything either but my guess is if Golden Corral stopped offering the inexpensive Veteran’s Day meal there would be a major uproar about how they are all commie bastards or don’t support the troops or some shit like that.

Military Discounts

Here are a few are things you are not entitled to; leniency for traffic violations, free movie tickets, free shit because you have the “I got deployed to Kuwait/UAE/Egypt flag”, and – here’s the most significant thing – you are most certainly not exempt from the consequences of your actions because of your prior service.

Almost every major retail corporation offers a veteran discount. This is commendable but not required. This is exceptional on their part and should be appreciated, but to reiterate, not required. Small businesses like mine and many others cannot do that. I wholeheartedly wish I could, trust me I love soldiers. They are my favorite people in the world. If you think you are entitled to a 10% product discount because you served then am I not also entitled to keep that same 10% because I served too?

Military Discounts2

I give discounts in my store when I can. They usually go to the guys who don’t ask. It is not much, I make some money and they save a little. Furthermore, I do not tell them, I just drop the price at check out. They are not throwing the vet card out looking for attention and I am not kissing their ass for business.

military discount 3


The entitlement generation of veterans is absolutely nauseating. The frauds, the entitled self-righteous and those working the system are sickening. Now, before anyone flies off the handle telling me how unappreciative I am for their service and sacrifice, and blah, blah, blah, know this: I’ve been to a couple of wars. I have seen more combat than some and less than others. I’ve been a troop and led troops. I understand who they are and what they’ve done.

Just remember when you ask for a discount, especially from a veteran-owned business, you are taking money from another vet’s pocket.


Mad Duo, Breach-Bang& CLEAR!

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Mad Duo

Mad Duo

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  1. Bill

    Fuck your tours of duty read the constitution, it clearly says we the people do not have to put you up and feed you!

    Fuck off with your discount bullshit… By the way, there’s not been a draft since 73, so you chose to sign up to wear a government costume and do their bidding following their orders oh and we paid you to do that so you didn’t so much as Serve as you was a paid hired gun so shut up!

  2. Joel

    The sense of entitlement in the comment section on this thread is exactly why somebody has to write this article in the first place. Fucking sad fellas. If you joined for 10% off anything, you have your priorities in the wrong place.

  3. Jim Turner

    As a 75 yr old Vietnam veteran, living on social security, I ask. Means a lot to me to know the 3 tours are appreciated. Care less what you or anyone else thinks. I ask, if they say no, I just say, “It never hurts to ask.”

  4. Bernard Paul

    With 32.5 years military service, now retired, my wife and I are still able to enjoy travel. I will ask any chain hotel for their military rate when we check in. I don’t think that cheats another veteran out of anything, do you?

  5. Mark Salyers

    I recently read a article in ARMY TIMES

    were a active duty warrant officer was arguing that service members shouldn’t get hiring preference or education benefits that we should be treated just like everyone else well FUCK HIM

  6. Ted

    I am still on active duty and have deployed several times….. but, I do get paid for my job, and pretty well at that.

    As a thirty plus year E-8 with several different special pays I get over 95K a year and about 20K of that is tax free, so I really don’t fell good about asking a small business man who is just squeezing by, for a price break especially when I am pretty sure his profit margins aren’t that great. If I go in to a restaurant in uniform and they offer a discount I take it but I don’t go begging and I sure won’t berate a small business man for trying to stay in business and feed his family. And if I ever caught some private or SP4 talking a guy down for not giving a discount I would break my foot off in his ass so far we would both have to go to the hospital to get it out. Like I said, I get paid for my job. It’s not like I am working for free.

  7. doc

    I’m embarrassed to ask for a military discount honestly. I’ve earned my paycheck and I’m proud of it. Don’t get me wrong I won’t turn down 10% off at lowes, I feel like they get my whole check when the honey-do list gets published on the fridge. What I won’t do is ask an upstart veteran owned business or working veteran for a discount, I ask for their business card and try to send business their way.

  8. Steve

    If you told me who he was and what he owned, and he had stuff I liked, I’d be more inclined to buy from him.


    I was buying a house and the home inspector we had was a veteran. And after talking we found out his son was in the same MOS that I was (2651). When it was time to pay he said take 10% off without asking…. I was very appreciative.

    When I was going through TAMP/TAPS the lady asks who is going to use unemployment when the get out… only me and 1 other guy out of 30 said no. She said it was out “right” to use it… Why, I already had a job lined up, isn’t that fraud?

  10. Mac

    To lump all Veteran’s into one category, “todays Veterans,” is unacceptable. There are approximately 20 million Veterans in the US and certainly within this large of a group, there are bound to be a few oxygen thieves. I am a Vet with over 24 years of service, but I never ask for a discount. I certainly appreciate it if it’s offered, but it’s never expected. I would submit that is the position that the vast majority of “today’s Veterans” hold as well. With that said, I know a lot of Vets struggle to make ends meet and taking advantage of discounts offered does drive their decision making process. Clearly asking is different than demanding and demeaning them for doing so is both short sighted and petty.

    • Mikiek

      I have to agree. The author cries about money being taken from his pocket as a “veteran” small businesses owner, so the author is empathetic to the financial struggles. However, he dose not offer a discount, because he’s too greedy in my personal view. Low mental maturity often displayed, when not being able to see others point of view, as well as prejudice habits.

    • Alex


      About the best comment left here!

      “Exactamondo” as the fonz would

      Seriously though I am also a Combat Vet, 2nd cav, and also think if they offer, why not? But if they don’t, don’t whine and cry about it. But to put all veterans into the same “todays veterans” umbrella is not only wrong but ignorant.

  11. BELEW

    I have served in the Marine Corps and I currently serve as a law enforcement officer. I also teach ethics at the academy…..One of the points I try to teach the young officers is that they should NEVER ask for a discount or free stuff… a matter of fact, if I am given a discount at a restaurant, I add that discount amount back on top of the tip I leave for the server…..we are sheepdogs….no wolves.

  12. StephH

    I served 8.5 years, and I am entitled to thing: my VA benefits. That is what I use, and it is the only thing I use. I think that business owner is in the right; too many people take advantage of the system, and not everyone can afford to give a discount. That’s just the way it is.

  13. Craigf

    But in all seriousness, I pretty much always ask. Many places offer one but don’t advertise it. Why shouldn’t I take advantage of that? I couldn’t possibly care less if the answer is no….But why not find out if I can save a little money. You would be surprised what’s out there. I took my two kids and two their friends to the fair last weekend. I was talking to this old guy at the gate wearing a retired army hat. He told me I should ask at the ticket counter for my veteran discount. I wouldn’t have thought about it there. I asked, and they gave me and all the kids free admission. Saved me 50 bucks. Still spent a ton of money at the fair, but saved myself some cash because they choose to honor one. The point is, you never know until you ask. I believe you are only a douche if you act put out when they say no.

  14. Gunnar

    Ya’ll got any of them civvie discounts (sorry)?

  15. Casey

    Good article. I, too, am bothered by the sense of entitlement. I don’t have a problem signing up for programs like Oakley SI or Promotive, but I rarely ask for discounts, and only when they are advertised.

  16. thorn

    As a cop, I get a little annoyed when I get presented with a military ID only instead of a state-issued ID when someone does something stupid. Actually, it’s not that action that annoys me- it’s when the soldier in question gets upset that I need to see something beyond the military ID (which doesn’t have all the information a DL does for my purposes as I’m not an MP).

    But of course some cops are just as bad with discountitis. I’ve known one who used to put on a uniform just to try and get free food \ discounts on his days off!

  17. Bill

    I agree. I appreciate discounts but personally do not use them. The worst are LEO discounts, nothing like lining up to get food when every cop that can grab a uniform is in front of you crushing their discount.

  18. Dave

    I don’t feel right asking for it. If it’s offered, I’ll take it and thank them for it.

    I didn’t sign up to get discounts.

  19. Lovemygear

    I usually ask and will use if they have one. But I don’t make a big deal if they don’t. I certainly don’t feel entitled. Also, I always make a point to thank the offering business/employee for the discount and mention the discount in a positive review of the business. Gratitude and grace are important so that those inclined and who can will have a desire to continue offering.

  20. BillBo

    I wholeheartedly agree. I, as a consumer, enjoy using a discount if I know it is their policy. I ask once, if they do I use it, if they don’t I don’t. As a former customer service tech for a website that sells ammo, we got a bunch of military. I have had good and bad interactions regarding the 1-time military discount.

  21. JamesT

    I agree. I was active duty for 2.5 years. Never saw combat. I never ask for a discount for anything. I don’t deserve it. Those who deserve it are older retired persons.

  22. vic

    So you do not offer discounts?

  23. Old 1811

    I think a lot of this is a reaction to the shameful way veterans were treated during and after the Vietnam war, just as the World War II veterans were treated much better than the veterans of World War I. (Just to name one example, the government didn’t shoot them.)

    I’m not a military veteran, but I can kinda relate. When I was a LEO, I worked with a few guys who would starve to death if they couldn’t find an eating spot with a police discount. I never asked for one. If they offered it, I took it, but I always left a tip that covered the discount. I think that’s the way to go: Don’t ask for anything, but if they offer it . . .

    A guy I worked with, a Vietnam vet, said that he was pulled out of a chronic postwar depression by the traffic-stop scene in Electra Glide in Blue. It goes something like this: (I’m paraphrasing)

    Stopped motorist: You gotta give me a break! I’m a veteran!

    Officer (Robert Blake): Me too, and I’m giving you the same break I got. Nothin’.

    My friend said that one scene put it all in perspective for him.

  24. Joe

    I never like the concept of it and never ask. I do however think the average road cop should cut a serviceman a break and here’s why. Sure, your state is going to just fine him or whatever. Usual slap on the wrist and that’s that. But his chain of command is probably going to crucify him, NJP him, then put is bleeding ass in the stocks. Just the way it is, and all because he did 65 in a 55 that’s a 4 lane highway…

  25. MK262 MOD1

    Gutsy move guys. I agree wholeheartedly with the author but I am certain you are gonna catch a few claymores from guys with sand in their sissy parts. The fireworks should be fun.

    Thanks for having the fortitude to not shrink from such a potentially “sensitive” topic. Vets are the only folks I can really relate to any more and are my favorite kinda folks. But like every other segment of our society, it’s good to hold a mirror up every once in a while to make sure your gig line is straight.

  26. Joe

    Why not offer a discount for a limited time? Very few markets offer a discount year round. As always, trust but verify.

    • Damon

      Why is even that necessary? How about this – stop expecting handouts for a limited time.

      • PFC Carter

        Fuck you, just because your too broke to offer a military discount does not give you the right to bash veterans for using a veteran discount on veterans day for crying out loud. No, its not “necessary,” but its a great thing to do. Only a Fucking retard would think downly on a veteran for getting a discount. And BTW, your comment system is broken.

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