Ashley: the Angel of Verdun (Ours Anyway)

Rita Vrataski, aka the Full Metal Bitch, is not actually the Angel of Verdun: Ashley is.
December 29, 2021  
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When you think of The Angel of Verdun ya prob’ly think of Rita Vrataski of Pittsfield, Illinois, aka the Full Metal Bitch. But you’re wrong. It ain’t Rita. Her real name is Ashley. So, just who is Ashley? We really don’t have the slightest idea. We just enjoy her social media posts and want her to be a part of our Tribe. The Ashley Angel of Verdun (i.e. the real one) is a veteran, a competitive shooter, and knowledgable as five kinds of fuck.

She’s also a nerd after our own heart (q.v.).

The real Angel of Verdun's name is Ashley.

But do we know any more than that? 

Emily Blunt gif

No. We do not. Not yet. 

But we will. But we digress. Allow us to tell you about…

The Angel of Verdun (IG)

Her account is on the ‘Gramz at @_angel_of_verdun (q.v.). 

This is the rundown of the modified ALICE LCE she uses to run 7.62×39 magazines. 

Fallout Gear, A.L.I.C.E. style

Ashley explains, 

“I run this setup when using ALICE in conjunction with my SLR-107 FR or AMD-65 to carry up to six (6) 30-round. AK magazines. I installed dividers in the Eagle Industries SAW pouches to accommodate 3x AK mags each. It uses the same packing list that I use in all of my chest rigs…This setup is run with a rifle only. Note the radio whip is lashed to the rear suspender strap with a weatherproof rubber band to keep it from hanging free and moving around. This can be un-done rapidly to access the radio.” 

All-Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment (A.L.I.C.E.): 7.62×39 Setup

M1972 Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment (LLCE)

• Belt, Individual Equipment- Case, Field First Aid Dressing/Unmounted Magnetic Compass x1
• Case, Pistol Magazine 9mm LC1 x1 (I use this for a multitool)
• Case, Small Arms Ammunition LC2 (M16 30 rounder) x1
• Eagle Industries 200rd. SAW/ GP Pouch x2
• Case, Field First Aid Dressing
• Cover, Water Canteen x2

Fallout Gear, A.L.I.C.E. style

• BlackHawk Enhanced Buttpack w/ spare CAT TQ lashed to the bottom
• London Bridge Trading (LBT) Model: LBT-0816 Load Bearing “H” Style Suspenders
• USGI ICOM Radio Pouch

• Garmin Fortrex 401 GPS
• Ranger Pace Beads
• S-hook carabiner
• Five-Four Communications U-94A NEXUS Kenwood-NATO PTT adapter

• Canteen, 1QT W/ AVON M50 cap x2
• Cup, Canteen

• Thyrm Cell Vaults on the belt and in the butt pack for spare batteries.

Fallout Gear, A.L.I.C.E. style, via The Angel of Verdun on Instagram.

“Raider armor consists of scraps of clothing fabricated both before and after the Great War.”  – Fallout Lore

If you’re a gearhead/battle-rattle junky – or a Fallout fan – like many of us, you probably appreciated that.

Scroll down, we’ll share another. 

“I don’t wear my modern kit as much, but when I do, I combine it with cold war service rifles and weird surplus. I run armor for business, I run chest rigs for pleasure.” The (Real) Angel of Verdun

Rita Vrataski is not actually the Angel of Verdun: Ashley is.

“MOLLE is just a side chick. ALICE will always be my one true love.”

Here’s how she explains her personal favorite chest rig (which she explains has both pros and cons). 

SADF Pattern 83 Chest Rig

“The 1980s called and they want their guns back. [This is] My SADF Pattern 83 Chest Rig is set up to be worn in conjunction with my Battle Belt.”

(We couldn’t find her explanation of the battle belt but will keep looking.)

SADF Pattern 83 Chest Rig

Light Chest Rig Loadout: SADF Pattern 83 Chest Rig, [with] Garmin Fortrex 401/pace-counter/MS200 Strobe [and] Five Four Communications Nexus U94A PTT.

• Right Side Sustainment Radio Pouch: Baofeng UV-5R with Great Plains Creations Exoskeleton

• Magazine Pouches: Magazines: 6+2 (on belt) 30rd. magazines. Unlike the Battle Jacket, the magazine pouches can hold every type of magazine I own (interoperability) with the exception of the M82a1.

• Right Miscellaneous Pouches: Earpro, Whistle, Lighter and Waterproof bag with lighter, (As needed) @usnightvision AN-PVS-14a

• Rear Admin. Pouch: Notebook, map markers, pen, pencil, sharpie, commo card, THULS Patrol Smart Book, and protractor

SADF chest rig as worn by @_the_angel_of_verdun


The following are removed from my standard chest rig (light) loadout as duplicates due to being worn with the belt: multitool, spare batteries, headlamp, camo stick, lensatic compass, gloves, IFAK. What I do not have here that is typically in my other chest rig packing lists is a water source, and a VS17 panel. Long period use would include an assault pack for this reason. (Scalable)

Pros: Scalable, magazine capacity, interoperability, and it’s light/ slick.

Cons: no integrated means of hydration or long-term sustainment (needs an assault pack to be viable for long period use).

SADF chest rig as worn by @_the_angel_of_verdun

Gear cleaning hat tip from The Angel of Verdun: 

I typically use a horsehair brush to start. That gets off loose dirt/ dust and big chunks of mud. Sometimes that’s all you need. Then I either use a wet rag or soak it in the tub depending on how dirty it is. You can also add a bit of oxy clean to the tub for stains but it can fade out gear if you use too much. That takes care of most things.


Ne Desit Virtus.

Ashley, the real Angel of Verdun, running her AK.

Now for some background on the film The Edge of Tomorrow (where the term “Angel of Verdun” was coined) as well as the novel it was based on. 

The Full Metal Bitch

via The Edge of Tomorrow/All You Need Is Kill (Hiroshi Sakurazaka)

The role of Rita Vrataski, aka “The Angel of Verdun” aka the “Full Metal Bitch” in The Edge of Tomorrow was played by Emily Blunt. A compelling documentary, that biopic was based on the novel All You Need Is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka. The novel was later turned into a Manga. The phrase refers not to the original Battle of Verdun, but to the second one. 

Here’s a look. 


Rita Vrataski Introduced

The following is from one version of the script. There were several iterations of the script and screenplay, some of which can be found online. 


How do you convince people that this is a fight that can be won?
This is an alien invasion in a global war.
With the new jacket technology and limited training…
we’ve been able to create super-soldiers.
Look at Rita Vrataski, the Angel of Verdun.


They’re calling
her the Angel of Verdun.
She is seen as the new
hope for this war.


It’s extraordinary.
With the new jacket technology and limited training…
Rita Vrataski was able to kill…hundreds of mimics on only her first day.

MAN 10:

Is the tide of this war changing?

That’s one version. Here’s another. This one makes her a little harder. More…merciless? Maybe pitiless is a better word. Whatevs. 

Rose Vrataski More True to Form

As Cage GRITS his TEETH. CLOSES his EYES and —


A BLOOD RED EXOJACKET leaping OVER CAGE’S HEAD as it SPITS GRENADES at the attack horde. An astonishing majestic sight. A ONE MAN CAVALRY coming to his rescue.


The blades SWINGING as four MIMICS become eight TWITCHING HEAPS. The warrior rolling into a PERFECT BATTLE STANCE.

Until the area is SECURE. The BATTLE CONTINUING UP THE BEACH, as the RED WARRIOR arrives at Cage’s side. Removing a GORE-SPATTERED FACEPLATE to reveal..


RITA Brachial artery’s draining, you’re dying. I’m gonna stay with you —

CAGE You don’t have to —

RITA No, I need your battery. It’s fresh. My jacket needs juice.

Cage looks at her. SICKENED. Pressing a BUTTON…

His JACKET WHIRRING, releasing him like an insect’s carapace. His dying BODY slopping into the mud. As he UNHOOKS his POWER CELL and TOSSES it at her feet.

CAGE Go to hell.

RITA  Already there, soldier.

She plugs in his cell, her jacket HUMMING.

RITA See you in the next life.



Rita Vrataski, aka the Full Metal Bitch, is not actually the Angel of Verdun: Ashley is.


The Angel of Verdun on Instagram

You can find Ashley online at @_angel_of_verdun,



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  1. Yancey Bret Harrington

    Ashley is freakin’ awesome… She and I have been friends for a while now and I really love watching her content… Keep up the great work Ashley!

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    Enjoyed the article and content. It’s great to hear about true patriotic women in this day and age. Thanks for your Service!


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