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TACTARDED? The American Gun Chic - Boob Bib
| November 9, 2018
Categories: Gear

It’s the answer to the problem you didn’t even realize you were having: the Boob Bib.

We just…

Wait, what…

Never mind, just watch.

If you’re wondering, yes. Completely serious.

Grunts: vacuous.

TACTARDED? The American Gun Chic - Boob Bib

We can’t even.

TACTARDED? The American Gun Chic - Boob Bib

Why come to visit our double secret closed and private discussion group? Because of the Morningwood Bazaar and the conversation, obviously. 

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Disclaimer: We are not endorsing Nancy’s Squat & Gobble, nor do the opinions therein reflect those of the entire Breach-Bang-Clear staff. That said, while Nancy’s is indeed a shady place, only a few people have actually gotten food poisoning there, and most of the girls have all their teeth. The one-legged bartender really does make a mean Old Fashioned, and if you ask nicely she’ll even do it with burnt rosemary smoke.

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  1. Mike Fissinger

    Putting a shirt on would ruin it for the other shooters at the range.

  2. Alan Fraize


  3. Travis

    Scars are sexy. I need to see the burn scar on cleavage that inspired this product.

  4. Claude

    Those are nice.

  5. Vic Toree

    Why in the hell…

    …didn’t they call it BUST COVER!?

    Seems like a missed opportunity.


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