Teach Your Daughters To Hit Someone Who Touches Them

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November 5, 2017  
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Teach Your Daughters To Hit Someone Who Touches Them

David Reeder

Teach your daughters, goddaughters, and nieces to fight. If you can’t, then pay someone to, and teach them that violence is acceptable. Teach them to hit people who touch them. Not tell the teacher, not complain to the Human Resources department, to hit them, as viciously as possible, immediately and publicly.

Testicles, throats, eyes — they’re all vulnerable.

Violence may not always be the answer, but when it is the answer, it’s usually the only answer. Including when, perhaps especially when, someone touches them without permission.

Speaking strictly to my nieces and goddaughters, I say: you bring me the scrotum of some dude who grabbed your boob or your butt, girls. I’ll reward you and turn it into a tobacco pouch.

I’d hold forth and talk more about this, but Jeff Rouner of the Houston Press already has, and he did a great job of it.

“I’ve started telling my daughter that if someone touches her chest, her ass or between her legs without her permission, to punch them in the goddamn face. Aim for the nose, Sweetheart. You don’t want to catch their teeth and get a cut. That’s a good way to get an infection. You want nose or eyes, and maybe use that front choke Daddy taught you. Turn your forearms so the bone goes against their carotid and jugular. That’s what makes them pass out.

Can she get in trouble for violence at school? Yes, she can, and should. Violence is illegal. Note: I didn’t say wrong. I said illegal. The two are not synonyms.”

Fuckin’ A.

Read the op-ed in its entirety here at the Houston Press. Then make the girls read it.

Hat tip to our own Tamara Keel, of View From the Porch.

“Is violence the ideal answer to sexual harassment? Of course it isn’t. The ideal answer is living in a world where this sort of thing is swiftly dealt with at all levels of authority with a zero-tolerance policy. Anytime y’all want to make that happen, you let me know. Until then, I’m teaching my daughter the proper way to throw a punch, and if you don’t like it, teach your kids the proper way to act.

Answering physical assault with physical assault is perfectly appropriate, and I have long since stopped caring about the concept of polite when it comes to those who feel boundaries are optional.”

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David Reeder

David Reeder

About the Author


  1. fnds

    Great article. This is how I taught my daughter when she started school. She is now married and has a boy.

    I also told her that if anyone asked, that’s how her dad taught her and that I would support her 100% if she got in trouble.

    Only once in middle school she had to deliver a swift round house kick on a boy that was harassing her for days and finally decided to cross the line. That was the last she heard from him.

    She got a black belt in taekwondo from a macdojo but that was good enough to get the job done.

  2. Mike Estwing

    If a guy touches a girl/woman’s privates without permission that’s sexual assault and deserving of a thrashing. If it occurs at school, the victim should immediately tell the staff that she was assaulted – not simply ‘touched’.

  3. MichMike

    I appreciate this article and funny how things happen…

    Ok, not going to say the school or any info but….. a boy in my daughters 4th grade class liked a specific girl who did not like him at all but he kept picking on her like some boys will do so when she told him “hey you are not being nice and you should not say that” he punched her in the stomach. Well she apparently did not appreciate this much so punched him square in the face and made his nose bleed and him cry and as we know getting beat down and crying because a girl hit you down, tends to follow a kid. lol They both went to vice principals office and missed a couple of classes and the parents were called but from what I understand that is all that was done. I spoke to the mom (of the girl)and she was grateful that I gave the intel my daughter had on what happened and said she was not surprised as her child does not suffer fools well and I think it ended there but time will tell. My daughter told me about this when I picked her up and I have to tell you I was very satisfied to hear what took place as that boy is a bully and foul mouthed in general. I told my daughter that she would be in a world of trouble if she start a fight but I will back her all the way if someone hits her or touches her and she hits them in self defense. That no one is allowed to do that and she needs to standup for herself because the sad truth is that some people only understand violence.

  4. Phil

    Fuckin A Right! Self defense is self defense, and men/boys that pull that crap need a swift reminder that assaulting someone for their own “pleasure” is unacceptable. I can’t think of a better lesson than swift retribution.

    Unfortunately, I have nothing positive or constructive to say about a society, or group that only uses a non confrontational approach. All that teaches predators is if they have plausible deniability, they can get away with that shit.

    Fuck that; make it painful for em!

  5. Billy

    It’s a tough call on school property as the circumstances Strych describes are quite common nationwide. Retaliate against an attacker on school property often carries the same punishment (including possible criminal charges) as the attacker. Best to teach your daughter to move on school grounds within a group of friends. Not to get isolated if at all possible. But, be prepared and trained to fight if assaulted.

    Nothing wrong with teaching a child how to defend oneself and responding with force when absolutely necessary. Sadly, some jurisdictions allow school districts to punish students even if they violate school district policy off school grounds and with minimal or barely defined correlation to a school sponsored event/activity.

    • Valerie wilson

      Unfortunately that seems to be true. I still think it is worthwhile to fight back. A bully will often back off if you are not an easy target and sexual harassement is a form of bulling.

  6. strych9

    I have trouble with this advice being given, not because I don’t agree but, because in many school districts around the country this will get your little girl a serious criminal record. We teach this kind of thing at my BJJ school but we also offer a very stern warning about it.

    Many places consider any violence on school property to be felony assault. Even if it’s in self defense, no violent action is permissible. It’s also something the school can take disciplinary action on as well potentially ruining your daughter’s/niece’s/whatever’s life before it even gets started with not one but two serious black marks against them. Think your daughter is going to into the [insert branch of service here] and make you proud as fuck? Oh, she hit a kid in self defense while in high school because the guy assaulted her? Well, in many jurisdictions you can kiss that enlistment goodbye right there because your kid’s now a felon.

    Look up the rules on this for a State like Colorado. Anything other than just taking the beating is actionable and the “actions” have very real and very, very negative consequences for the youngster in question. It’s so stupid it sounds like it can’t be true but a friend of mine’s kid lost scholarships and now can’t even enlist because he was attacked and defended himself. Clear cut case of self defense ON CAMERA. The kid would have been find anywhere else in this country but it occurred at school.

    Damn tough being a parent with snowflakes running the schools but it is what it is and it’s the same in many states. Find out your school’s policies and the state laws and make sure you incorporate that with your teaching.


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