Agilite is what we here refer to as a battle-rattle company. Founded by Israeli (IDF) and US military SOF veterans, Agilite gear is designed in Israel and manufactured in both Israel and the United States.


Agilite gear is typically tested in the field (and, more recently, battle-tested) long before it is released for individual purchase. If you’ve seen images or videos of IDF security forces in action, you’ve seen Agilite’s Scorpion in action.

Holy Land Battle Rattle

(About ’em in their own words…)

Agilite is Israel’s premier tactical gear and apparel company. [They] manufacture world-class equipment for SOF, LE, and SAR worldwide.

[They were] founded by Israeli Special Forces and US Army veterans with extensive experience in combat zones in four countries across the Middle East.

[They] combine the know-how gleaned from combat operations in the Middle East with the very latest in ergonomic military tactical design, engineered for maximum performance on the battlefield.

[Their] design team’s own combat experience has informed their understanding of the enormous difference premium tactical gear can make to a soldier’s everyday life. They know that good equipment keeps you agile, light on your feet, fast and maneuverable.




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