Report: Mechanix M-Pact Shooting Gloves | Agilite Edition

Report: Mechanix M-Pact Shooting Gloves | Agilite Edition
| April 29, 2020
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Shopping for the right tactical shooting gloves can be difficult with so many different offerings available to us. Most of us have trained shooting without gloves for the majority of the time. That begs to question as to why we even wear gloves at all when we shoot. Gloves are part of our PPE or Personal Protection Equipment, something we hear about often these days. They serve to keep your hands from abrasions and to keep them from being exposed to the elements. Even when you find the right gloves to fit your hands, you might not enjoy shooting with them on, especially when it comes to pistols.

Mechanix M-Pact shooting gloves: These gloves give you +20 to Dexterity.

These gloves give you +20 to Dexterity. Photos by Muzzle Flash Media.

M-Pact Tactical Shooting Gloves

Agilite Tactical teamed up with Mechanix Wear to come up with their version of their shooting glove. They were shown at the Agilite Tactical booth at SHOT Show 2020, where I first saw them. Mechanix Wear gloves are very popular in other fields as well as the tactical one.

Designed for Dexterity

Right off the bat, you can see that three of the fingers are already cut off. You have the thumbs, index, and middle fingers pre-cut. Like everything else, every piece of kit has some sort of balancing act to contend with. Like I mentioned before about shooting with gloves, even with gloves that have the thinnest materials at the fingertips, they still may or may not interfere with your trigger press.

For many, including myself,  a solution is to grab some shears and chop off the finger tip. The problem that you run into when cutting gloves yourself is that you risk unraveling the rest of the glove after some use. Agilite took care of that issue having the selected fingers cut from the factory and reinforced with some stitching. Having the three fingers from each hand exposed helps greatly in the dexterity department but it leaves them open to everything else. It’s all about the balance and in this case, the goal in terms of usage is for shooting.

Fifty Shades of FDE, full kit, M-Pact shooting gloves.

Photo my Muzzle Flash Media.

Comfort, Quality, and Performance

There is no surprise that Agilite partnered with Mechanix Wear to manufacture the gloves for them because they are extremely comfortable and well-made. I have small hands with short fingers, therefore I got the small-sized Mechanix M-Pact Agilite Tactical Edition Glove. I can only imagine how difficult it is for companies to size gloves because of all the different sizes that there are. Most gloves get it right-on for my hands but some are close and I’ll end up with extra material at the fingertips. With three out of five fingers missing, it’s a non-issue with these gloves.

Mechanix M-Pact shooting gloves - holding halfbreed blades knife.

Photo by Muzzle Flash Media.

Tactile Capabilities

So with these features, you have the best of both worlds in regards to hand dexterity and protection. I would dare say these are the goldilocks of gloves in terms of the balance. Shooting requires a lot of manipulation involving your fingers outside of firing the weapon; there is safety activation and deactivation, emergency and tactical reloads, electronic device control on your weapon to your radio, and these days, your cell phone. Working everything is that much easier with these shooting gloves, you almost forget that you are even wearing any gloves at all. With the three uncovered fingers, your palms, knuckles, backhand, and wrists are well protected.

M-Pact Agilite Edition Gloves, part of a complete Loadout.

M-Pact Agilite Edition Gloves, part of a complete Loadout. Photo by Muzzle Flash Media.

I found that all the shooting related tasks were easy to accomplish when it came to weapons manipulations, reloading, to handling my cellphone. These are some excellent gloves that will fill the role they were designed for extremely well. They are only available from Agilite Tactical. The best part of it all…they cost under $40 for a pair. $36.90 to be exact at the time of writing this.

Find out more at Agilite Gear.

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