Strike Industries Fancies Up My CZ Scorpion

CZ Scorpion micro model with Strike Industries pistol grip, safety, and magazine release.
August 18, 2020  
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Strike Industries is a huge company that doesn’t get the recognition they deserve. The company does an excellent job of innovating new products and pursuing the latest and greatest in firearms with the intent to make them better at a rather affordable rate. One of the guns they addressed is the CZ Scorpion, which is one of my favorite PCCs. Recently Strike Industries reached out to me and provided some goodies for my CZ Scorpion micro model.

Micro CZ Scorpion upgrades with Strike Industries pistol grip, safety, and mag release

The Scorpion Parts and Pieces Gift Box

I do love the Scorpion, but I admit it has some inadequacies that should and could be addressed. That lead me to choose these specific parts and pieces to address these ergonomic issues: the Pistol Grip, Safety, and Magazine Release.

The first two were the most critical swaps I could make and addressed two of the big problems I have with the Scorpion. The OEM magazine release isn’t bad, but the Strike Industries model looked a bit bigger and more ergonomic.

The S.I. CZ Scorpion Pistol Grip

I didn’t like the Scorpion pistol grip and selector switch and always sought to change them. The stock pistol grip has a very rearward slant and is rather large for such a compact gun. Short guns work better with more vertical pistol grips, and the less slant, the better.

CZ Scorpion upgrades: Strike Industries pistol grip

The Strike Industries Scorpion Pistol grip is significantly smaller and more vertical, which results in a more comfortable pistol grip on such a little gun. It’s shorter and thinner and is quite convenient. On top of that, there is an empty compartment in the grip with a removable plug that would allow you to store small goods in the pistol grip should you choose.

Overall this is very comfortable, and I appreciate that they left plenty of space to allow users to customize the grip with their stippling pattern of choice.

The Safety

The OEM safety has the potential to be great, but for some reason, they goofed it up and created a painful ambidextrous safety that punches into your hand with every shot fired. The Strike Industries safety is smaller in length, but the activation paddle is wider. The safety includes an ambidextrous option and a safety delete if you’d prefer a non-ambi option. I went that route.

CZ Scorpion accessories - Strike Industries safety

When used in concert with the Strike Industries grip, the safety is effortless to switch to fire. The wide paddle allows you to rest your thumb on the paddle while the gun is on safe and instantly switch to fire when needed. If I could only choose one thing to change on my Scorpion, this would be it. The OEM option is annoying and painful, and this option allows the Scorpion to live up to its reputation.

CZ Scorpion upgrades - Strike Industries safety


Magazine Release

I never had an issue with the OEM magazine release, but I knew I wanted one when I saw the Strike industries model. The Strike Industries Scorpion magazine release adds fins to the magazine release side to allow shooters to release the magazine with their trigger finger. The reach is shorter, and it will enable even those with stubby fingers to reach the release.

CZ Scorpion upgrades - Strike Industries magazine release.

An added lip to the bottom allows for an easier mag release with retention should you take that route. Overall the Strike Industries Scorpion magazine release is more ergonomic and is a well thought out CZ Scorpion upgrade.

Struck Out?

The CZ Scorpion is an awesome platform and is easily made more awesome by the attachment of a few parts and pieces from Strike Industries. These upgrades are less than 60 bucks worth of parts that can be installed at home. Everything is nice and small and fits into my SBR AR15 case perfectly. That’s a low price to pay for this level of performance and ergonomic improvement. Send Strike Industries some love, and let ‘em know we sent you.

Strike Industries: Read more about ’em.

Travis Pike: read more of his articles.

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