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CZ Scorpion mag release - Strike Industries.
| February 18, 2020
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The CZ Scorpion, along with the SIG MPX, kicked off the PCC craze, and the Scorpion has proven to be the more modular weapon. Plenty of companies are giving Scorpion owners lots of options when it comes to upgrading their guns, and Strike Industries is releasing a new Scorpion Mag Release. The original Scorpion magazine release wasn’t a bad control from an ergonomic point of view, but many found it difficult to reach with the firing hand. Big handed guys like me may not have issues, but a number of others have. 

CZ Scorpion Mag Release - Strike Industries.

The new Strike Industries Scorpion Mag Release extends the portion that meets the finger and allows for shooters of all hands sizes to engage the magazine release. The idea is to make you slow, small-handed Scorpion users almost as fast as me with my stock Scorpion Mag Release. I’d imagine the less of a reach I have to make when reloading, the more intuitive the process is. Intuitive controls mean speedy controls, and when your gun runs dry, the last thing you want to be is slow. 

Travis Pike demonstrates CZ Scorpion Mag Release from Strike Industries.

A Cheap and Easy to Install Scorpion Mag Release 

The Strike Industries Scorpion Mag Release is made from a lightweight, high strength polymer that makes it easy a seamless addition to your Scorpion rifle or pistol. The extended fins fit perfectly alongside the trigger guard and make the Strike Industries Mag Release a natural extension of the weapon. Honestly, the price is hard to beat as far as upgrading your gun goes. 

The good news is any mouth breather can also install this mag release. The Scorpion itself is a simple weapon, and parts like this easily interchange and install without issue. The Strike Industries Scorpion Magazine Release comes with everything you need to get your Scorpion up and running. With practice and this Scorpion Mag Release, you guys might be as fast as me. 

Strike Industries: Read more about ’em.

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