Streamlight ProTac 2AA-X USB: Your Next EDC Light?

Streamlight ProTac 2AA-X
May 24, 2024  
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Streamlight has a history of making reliable, high-performance lights for professionals and consumers alike – Let’s discuss the Streamlight ProTac 2AA-X USB and see if it looks like it’s continuing that trend. This new model builds upon the design of the ProTac 2AA while incorporating significant advancements in battery technology and user functionality. It’s designed to focus on EDC and ease of use; I know I have a few pretty nice flashlights from some of their competitors that are fantastic lights, but finding batteries can be a pain. So this new Streamlight USB-C rechargeable is looking to address that EDC crowd; they’ve mentioned tactical professionals and outdoor enthusiasts all the way to your everyday Joe in their marketing copy, so they’re casting a pretty wide net.

Let’s Talk Streamlight Protac 2AA-X Features

Streamlight USB-C & Dual-Fuel Flexibility

One of the ProTac 2AA-X USB’s standout features is its dual-fuel design. It can be powered by the included rechargeable lithium polymer battery pack, which is rated for hundreds of charge cycles, or readily available AA alkaline batteries. I know this was one of the bigger selling points for me, ensuring a reliable light, making it a dependable choice. I have an unfortunate tendency to either not buy batteries when I need them or lose them after I have them. So having both options means I probably can’t mess both of them up? Right…?

Streamlight Protac 2AA-X’s Compact Power

Like most of their compact lights, it kind of defeats the purpose of having an easy-to-access light if it sucks. It doesn’t seem like they skimped on the lumens in place of the rechargeable lithium batteries. It tops out at 550 lumens with the rechargeable, and with normal AA alkaline batteries, it can run 270 lumens. I don’t think it will let you cook an egg, but it’ll get its actual job done. For comparison, their standard ProTac only runs 250, and it’s a solid little flashlight; when I actually remember to put it into my pocket, it’s my daily carry. I was expecting less with the rechargeable battery, not double, so I am a little excited to get my hands on one of these.

Streamlight USB-C Runtime

Another thing Streamlight seems to be doubling down on in its official copy is the runtime. It’s supposed to operate for 2.25 hours on the highest setting – that’s an hour and 15 minutes or 135 minutes for those of you bad at fractions. I definitely didn’t open up the calculator to double-check myself there before being snarky. Now, if you need it longer, standard non-rechargeable AA batteries bump that number up to 48 hours at its lowest.

Here’s the full breakdown directly from their store,

TEN-TAP programming – Choose from three user-selectable programs:
1) high/strobe/low (factory default)   2) high only   3) low/high

Output with rechargeable Streamlight USB-C battery pack:

  • High: 550 lumens; 10,250 candela; 203m beam; runs 2.25 hours
  • Low: 40 lumens; 740 candela; 54m beam; runs 16 hours
  • Strobe: runs 4.5 hours

Output with AA alkaline batteries:

  • High: 270 lumens; 5,000 candela; 141m beam; runs 2.5 hours
  • Low: 18 lumens; 400 candela; 40m beam; runs 48 hours
  • Strobe: runs 5 hours

TEN-TAP Programming

“So what’s Ten-Tap Programming!” it’ programming that involves ten taps, silly. Well, actually, three? I am not entirely sure, but it sounds cool, and it’s alliteration, so it flies in my book. So, it allows you, the user, to adjust and customize the light’s mode. The 2AA-X USB has three distinct programmable modes – high/strobe/low (factory default), high only, or low/high. Pick what you want and let it work, it’s whole thing is to be adaptable and accessible.

The whole Ten-Tap thing confused me more than I’d like to admit, and even after reading their learning resources about it, I am still not entirely clear. So, if you want to learn more about the technology, as I attempted, head over to the Ten-Tap Programing resources page. I am sure they explained it well; I may just be a little dumb.

Millennials and Zoomers who can’t read, I don’t know how you made it this for, but they do have a video:

” Now, with our TEN-TAP® Programming, you can reprogram the light from the standard default option. Reprogramming is easy and can be done from anywhere – with just a few quick taps of the switch you can change the lighting to fit your needs and how you’ll be using it.”

Streamlight Protac 2AA-X Durability

Like most of their lights, or at least the ones I have used, they’re promising the usual Streamlight durability. It features a machined aircraft-grade aluminum body with an anodized finish. So it’s sturdy enough to endure the wear and tart of daily use and the demanding abuse you’ll likely put it through. It also has an IPX7 waterproof rating, which sounds pretty fancy but apparently means immersion in water up to 1 meter, not too shabby. See the end of the paragraph for freedom units; don’t shoot the messenger.

It was also tested for impact resistance up to 2 meters for drops and impacts, which in corporate speak for drop proof, but don’t test it or throw it, you animals; it’s not our fault when it breaks. Either way, like I said, it’s not too shabby for a compact lil’ rechargeable light. It doesn’t seem like they had to make many compromises in its design.

Streamlight’s Newest Standard?

With the ProTac 2AA-X Streamlight USB-C, it seems like Streamlight has created a flashlight that’s more than just a tool – it’s a reliable little companion for everyday life. I am excited to get my hands on it and see if it lives up to the hype, even if it may be mostly in my own head. It just looks like a nifty little light, it may be time for a proper review.

The ProTac 2AA-X USB is available in Black or Coyote and ships with a holster, a rechargeable polymer battery pack, and a USB-C charging cable. It also has the standard Streamlight Limited Lifetime Warranty, which seems pretty reasonable – don’t quote me, though; I haven’t had to use it yet, which is probably a positive. It’ll run you $105.00 MSRP, and they’re available now online at

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