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May 24, 2024  
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The Glock 43X is an excellent carry gun that’s easy to conceal, performs reliably, and delivers nice, tight groups on target. Of course, like with any weapon, you might find yourself wanting to change things up with aftermarket accessories. We have some ideas on how you can upgrade your Glock 43X to create the most customized pistol possible.

1. Tyrant Designs Extended Magazine Release

The mag release on your Glock 43X is a part that can almost always be improved. An aftermarket release like the Tyrant Designs Extended Magazine Release changes the surface and geometry of the part to provide a better grip and smoother use. You don’t want to be forced to move your hands around to drop a magazine, and you don’t want to be stuck with a part that sticks or isn’t tactile enough. This mag release has a ridged release with chamfered edges for reliable function. And because it comes in different colors, you can switch things up with your gun’s aesthetic, too.

2. Shield Arms S15 Gen 3 Magazine

A magazine might seem like an odd thing to upgrade, but you can always use more mags. It’s a common failure point for handguns, and that means you’d better have a spare (or a bunch of spares). The great thing about the Shield Arms S15 Gen 3 Magazine is that it’s designed for improved function and durability, so it really is an upgrade over the factory models. It’s a flush-fit, 15-round magazine that the company states is the same length as the factory 10-round mags, only with greater capacity. Talk about a win-win.

3. Faxon Firearms EXOS-533 Pistol Compensator

The use of a compensator is an excellent idea if you want a gun that recoils less and stays flatter during live fire. You do need a threaded barrel to use a muzzle device such as a compensator, so keep that in mind. The Faxon Firearms EXOS-533 Pistol Compensator has angled ports to direct escaping gas upwards. It’s a great device to get improved accuracy out of your Glock 43X while also creating a more pleasant shooting experience.

4. Tyrant Designs +4 Magazine Extension

Even though the reduced size and slim frame of the Glock 43X is a huge bonus, you might want increased capacity. The Tyrant Designs +4 Magazine Extension is made to do exactly what the name implies—add four rounds to your gun’s capacity. You can easily swap this part out yourself, and thanks to an improved spring and enhanced design of this extension, mag changes will be smoother, too. This part is a quick, easy way to get more rounds in your gun while also speeding up magazine changes.

5. Night Fision Optics Ready Stealth Tritium Night Sights

Putting aftermarket iron sights on your Glock 43X is a simple way to get better performance out of your gun. These Night Vision Optics Ready Steal Tritium Night Sights are available with either a bright yellow or orange front sight to draw the eye and improve target acquisition. Thanks to their height, they’re great for use with red dots and offer a lower 1/3 cowitness. It can be a good thing to have iron sights as a backup for your red dot, and these sights are versatile enough to be used on their own or for backup. 

6. Tactical Development Pro Ledge TLR7 Sub

Having an extra resting spot for your thumb can make it easier to manage recoil and stay on target. That’s where the Tactical Development Pro Ledge TLR7 Sub comes in, by giving you a positive surface to contact with your thumb for a firm, sure grip. This is a low-profile ledge made to reduce snagging that has a textured surface to keep your thumb in place. It’s right-handed and compatible with the accessory rail of the Glock 43X.

7. Apex Tactical Specialties Action Enhancement Trigger Kit

The factory trigger on your gun might not be quite what you want. An aftermarket trigger can give you improved trigger control thanks to a smoother pull and clean, crisp break, and that’s why replacing the factory trigger can be such a good idea. The Apex Tactical Specialties Action Enhancement Trigger Kit replaces your Glock 43X’s factory trigger with one made for a crisp break and to reduce pre-travel and reset distance. It’s a drop-in design that makes it easy to install and is offered in red for a sleek aesthetic.

8. Agency Arms Mid Line Threaded Fluted Barrel

Changing the barrel of your Glock 43X can mean a more durable, reliable system capable of superior accuracy. The Agency Arms Mid Line Threaded Fluted Barrel is marketed for the Glock 48 but is also compatible with the Glock 43X. Thanks to the fluted profile, the barrel cools faster and is lighter weight. The threaded muzzle means you can utilize a muzzle device such as a compensator or suppressor. It ships with a thread protector to keep the threaded end protected when a device isn’t in use. Want a more streamlined, accurate Glock 43X? Try this barrel.

9. DPM Systems Technologies Recoil Reduction System

Replacing the guide rod and spring of your gun can create a pistol that’s softer-shooting, smoother, and more reliable. The DPM Systems Technologies Recoil Reduction System makes it possible to replace both parts with a single setup. It ships with both a short and long spring, so you can choose the length and weight that best suits your needs and chosen ammunition. This system reduces felt recoil, increases reliable cycling, and makes rapid-fire easier to accomplish quickly and accurately. It can also help protect the gun’s slide and frame from unnecessary wear.

10. Faxon Firearms Match Series 9mm Barrel

A quality match barrel can tighten groups and also make running your gun more enjoyable. The Faxon Firearms Match Series 9mm Barrel also has a solid aesthetic thanks to a colorful Chameleon PVD finish. This barrel keeps the length the same, so the pistol still fits in your holsters. It is fluted and target-crowned. When a barrel is target crowned, it means it’s made to protect the rifling, which preserves the accuracy and extends the life of the barrel. The coating on this barrel makes it resistant to use-related wear and improves lubricity for smoother cycling.

11. Handleit Grips Textured Rubber Grip Kit

The factory grip on the Glock 43X is textured to encourage a firm grip, but it can be improved. If you’d like a more aggressive—yet comfortable—grip surface without changing the gun permanently, trip grip decals. The Handleit Grips Textured Rubber Grip Kit is easy to install and forms smoothly around the Glock 43X grip to facilitate a secure hold during live fire. It’s thin enough not to alter the gun’s profile and tough enough to last a long time. This decal is a fantastic choice if you want a quick way to improve your shooting.

12. Apex Tactical Specialties Failure Resistant Extractor

Reliable cycling requires well-made parts, and that includes small components like your gun’s extractor. Replacing the factory extractor with a high-quality aftermarket model is a fantastic way to enhance your gun’s reliability and extend the life of its parts. The Apex Tactical Specialties Failure Resistant Extractor features a rugged extractor claw for superior extraction and stellar reliability. The geometry is enhanced, and it’s machined from steel for durability. You don’t have to wait for cycling problems or for an extractor to wear out before you replace it—get that extractor replaced now to ensure the future performance of the gun.

13. Elite Tactical Systems 9mm Magazine

Having spare magazines is always a good idea. Even better are spare magazines that are made for superior quality and offer features like see-through sides so you can get a visual check on round count. The Elite Tactical Systems 9mm Magazine has a ten-round capacity and translucent body, allowing you to see the ammo inside the mag. It’s made for impact resistance, even with hard use, and is also cold-resistant. The feed lips and body of this magazine are designed so they won’t spread or otherwise malform even if it’s stored fully loaded.

14. Apex Tactical Specialties Action Enhancement Trigger Kit

Not happy with your factory trigger? The Apex Tactical Specialties Action Enhancement Kit is a complete replacement for that trigger. It includes the trigger, trigger bar, and connector and is made for direct drop-in—that means no machining or fitting required. This aftermarket trigger kit delivers a smooth trigger pull, crisp break, and shorter reset. It has a center-mounted pivoting safety to maintain the factory safety mechanisms of the Glock 43X. The trigger has a red body and black safety blade.

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