1,300 rounds later: The SSVI TYR Glock Trigger

July 10, 2023  
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New and shiny staple gun Glock trigger. Murr takes you through the paces in this – SSVI trigger review. Mad Duo


This article originally aired in September 2015. 

1,300 rounds later: The SSVI TYR GLOCK TRIGGER

Rumored to be the son of Odin, Tyr was an ancient Norse god of war. Like many other cheerful pagan white-people gods, Tyr would receive mead, meat, and blood for a sacrifice. It was common belief back then that if a warrior carved Tyr’s rune (the arrow shaped one, that looks strangely a little like a capital letter T) on his weapon, he would be dedicating it to Tyr.  This would then accordingly make it more likely the outcome of the battle would be in his favor. This, of course, could be problematic if the other dude did the same thing…presumably, at that point it was just down to strength, skill, ferocity, and who had a hangover from all the wenching and drinking the night before. After a warrior had dedicated his weapon to Tyr, he was not to lose or break it. Doing so was basically the Viking version of smashing a mirror under a ladder while spilling salt on Friday the 13th as a black cat walks by.

But, enough history for today.

SSVI TYR Glock Trigger

I have been running an SSVI Glock trigger in my pistol for over a month now (full disclosure, it was a generous gift from a close friend). Instantly identifying it for what it is (an expensive custom trigger) I initially tried to refuse the gift. However, my friend is a big fan of SSVI and prefers this trigger in his Glock pistols over all other options out there. He’s also a pushy, lovable asshole that will never take no for an answer. I reluctantly accepted, thinking that maybe his generosity might partially make up for all the birthdays where I only got socks and “educational” toys that sucked.

Five minutes later, using only the punch on my Multitasker series 3, boom: the trigger was installed.


The SSVI trigger is a sexy looking aluminum drop in, with a flatter, wider face over the factory trigger. Precision machined with cool looking lightening (not lighting) cuts on the trigger’s sides, the unit is deeply anodized and looks like it belongs on the gun. But the real question is, what’s so great about it? Good aesthetics don’t mean jack if it doesn’t do its intended job.

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Using the factory trigger shoe and bar assembly, the Tyr does not reduce the stock trigger pull at all but is perceived to do so because of a bunch of scientific shit I won’t bore you with. The long and short of it is this: the trigger sits differently in the trigger guard, which affects the placement of your finger, and gains better leverage because it’s now directly below the trigger pin. My Gen 3 Glock 19 has a 3.5 lb. Ghost trigger connector installed, as I have preferred them in all my Glock pistols ever since Ghost Inc. started making the part.

BLUF; paired with the new SSVI trigger, might persuade me to finally give up on my custom 1911 once and for all. Now, before all you 1911 enthusiasts crank up your model T Fords and light your storm lanterns to find and lynch me, I’ll explain a little further. 

Dry firing the pistol reveals a perceived change in take up and how the trigger “breaks.” My observation would be to say it is significantly cleaner, smoother and more predictable than my old configuration (or that of a bone stock Glock). The reset is also noticeable, with the perception of less movement to get that distinct, reassuring “click” we all love. The wider slightly swept trigger aids my particular means of engaging its face and keeps my finger from sliding down much during the trigger’s cycle. That slippage is part of the reason why I never liked flat triggers on 1911’s and other pistols. Some would also argue that the slight curve aids in repeatable placement of your finger on the trigger, but I feel that a constant grip on the gun has more to do finding that sub 1” target area your finger is darting to.

Luckily Al Gore invented the internet so all the experts out there can duke it out about this in the comment section. 


TYR Trigger Review

1,300 rounds Later…

The nicest thing about living in the country and this job is the ability to shoot whenever I want. So, I’ve been putting the Tyr trigger through the paces, and I’m in love. Having shot a wide array of high-end, custom Glocks and aftermarket triggers over the years, I’ve never been impressed enough to purchase many. All the aftermarket triggers that have gone into my gun came back out within a case of ammo or two and wound up being given away to friends. That has changed with the passage of 1,300 rounds on the Tyr. The trigger isn’t the same as a highly tuned custom 1911, but it doesn’t have to be. I don’t shoot competition much, and what little I do is on cardboard humanoid robots. “Down Zero” is what I usually hear announced with a factory Glock, so any extra accuracy is just a bonus. The thing about that is after shooting a 1911 for more than a decade, it’s the same thing. The factory Glock configuration will outshoot the majority of shooters that carry it, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to match your pistol controls to your own preferences.

The Tyr trigger is well received by all that I have had to try it, and most have said that they will likely buy one in the near future. This informal census of friends is not lost on me, as I value their opinions as well as their results on paper. I can’t say that the Tyr has me shooting any better, but I will say that it has given me more confidence with the G19 it’s installed in. It’s definitely a “feel” kind of thing, that’s hard to put into words. For other shooters, the Tyr might make a huge difference in how they engage the trigger of their gun. Regardless, I would recommend checking the trigger out to both new and seasoned shooters, as I think it certainly has value to anyone who shoots Glocks. While the Tyr triggers are currently back ordered, I will be placing an order to buy a few more.  For those of you using the same trigger, I would like to read your own opinions if you would like to take the time to write them. 

For additional information on other Glock trigger options, check out the list at Pew Pew Tactical. 


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  1. Marty

    I’m a dedicated 1911/2011 guy, so appreciate anything that might make a Glock trigger feel familiar. Appreciate an honest appraisal.

    I compete constantly, in everything. Since author doesn’t compete I wonder what excuse he gives Mrs Author for all the $$$$$ sent down range?

  2. JB Gleason

    Not going to lie. I am just excited to see someone writing on the internet that knows the difference between lightning and lightening.

    My biggest hang up with custom Glock triggers is that I will like one and then have to buy the same for all my other ones.

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