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January 25, 2023  
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The Glock Performance Trigger is, as you might have guessed from the name, a Glock trigger upgrade. Unlike the many aftermarket triggers available from companies like Apex, KE Arms, Overwatch Precision, Timney, and others, this one is designed and manufactured by Glock itself.

Does that mean it’s a better option than the others? Probably not, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good option. 


BLUF: In the standard Glock “Safe Action System,” the trigger bar pulls the firing pin back, hits the connector, and releases the firing pin. The Glock Performance Trigger incorporates a sear and a sear holder; the sear holds the firing pin to the rear, and the trigger bar moves across the top of the sear holder.

That means the shooter is just pulling the sear down to effect ignition. 

It is worth buying.

You can get one in a couple of places. Start here:

Gun.Deals (this will show you if/where they are in stock)


Where to buy a Glock Performance Trigger


A variety of Glock triggers can also be found in the following locations: 

Optics Planet

Primary Arms

Palmetto State Armory

Rainier Arms


Here’s why we think it’s worth the money.


Glock Performance Trigger Review


We’ve read more than one initial Glock performance trigger review, and we can safely report the following: 

• Most of the reviews aren’t reviews at all; they’re guesses based on pictures and conjecture

• Glock should have offered the new trigger for Gen 3 and Gen 4 pistols as well. They can never be forgiven!

• They should have also made triggers for [insert other caliber here]; they can never be forgiven! 

• A trigger weight of 2.5 – 3 lbs. is too light for concealed carry or duty use.

• A trigger weight of 2.5 – 3lbs is what Glock’s triggers should have been all along. 

• Some Glock fans (and some Glock detractors) cannot spell. Seriously…Grammarly is free.

• Some Glock fans (and some Glock detractors) are easily butt-hurt. 

• Even if you’re talking triggers, you can still argue about night sights.

• It’s about time.

• It’s a waste of time.

Now, if you read through all those takeaways but don’t feel any more informed, you’re not alone. 

Happily, one of our crew members (specifically, Tim the Russian) has been using a Glock Performance Trigger since the first day they became available.


Here’s what he says: 


Q: How do you like the new performance Glock trigger?

A: It’s fantastic. Maybe 3, 3.5 pounds. But it needs a new shoe right away. The stock shoe sucks. They should have spent a few extra bucks and included a decent shoe. Still worth the money, though. 


The Glock performance trigger (highlighed)

Here is a little more information:

The company’s product release advised, in part:

The Glock Performance Trigger was designed to meet a different set of criteria and offers a refined trigger pull. [It] utilizes a newly designed, flat-faced trigger and maintains the same safety features of the trusted and proven GLOCK Safe Action® System. [The trigger] must be installed by a certified GLOCK Armorer and is compatible with the following pistol models: G17 Gen5, G19 Gen5, G19X, G26 Gen5, G34 Gen5, G45, and G47 MOS.

To the best of our knowledge, this is the first Glock-built accessory for Glock pistols. While we can’t help but wonder why it took so long – especially for the flat face part – we’re not complaining. Maybe next they’ll provide some front and rear sight options. 

The first Glock-built accessory for Glock pistols that we're aware of.

The first Glock-built accessory for Glock pistols that we’re aware of.


Glock's competition trigger has a flat face and uses a sear.

Glock’s “Performance Trigger” incorporates a sear and a sear holder.


Glock's performance trigger is built differently than the typical "Safe Action" design.

Glock’s performance trigger is built differently than the typical “Safe Action” design.


A Glock built Glock trigger upgrade.


What’s a trigger shoe, you ask? Glad you asked!

A “trigger shoe” is a block of metal or polymer designed to fit on the front face of a firearm’s trigger. It is typically wider than the actual trigger and extends further forward. The shooter may then put a trigger finger on the shoe and get distributed contact over a wider area of the trigger. This tends to make the respective gun’s trigger “feel” a little lighter (reducing pre-travel and overtravel) and arguably makes the trigger break feel more predictable. What people perceive as the trigger is actually the trigger shoe

You can get a Glock trigger shoe from several manufacturers, including Johnny Glock, Timney Triggers USA, Overwatch Precision, Killer Innovations, CMC Triggers, and many others. 



How a Glock works



Primary Arms Buy Now Pay Later

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  1. Name *Filippo

    Comment *Con questo nuovo grilletto, lo scatto della Glock gen5 viene radicalmente trasformato in singola azione visto che dopo il ciclo il percussore non è piu precaricato ma totalmente caricato. Non da psicologicamente la stessa sicurezza dello scatto di serie e probabilmente non l ha anche se poi la sicura al percussore risolve il problema.E’ molto simile nel funzionamento al Timney ma quest’ ultimo è migliore anche a livello di reset.
    Lo terrò per un po sulla mia Glock 26, poi vedremo…credo comunque che un buon originale lavorato e lucidato, con connettore leggero (-) vada ugualmente bene mantenendo le caratteristiche originali per cui è stata progettata l’ arma.

  2. Charles

    The new trigger is incredible.
    I high polished all the metal parts of the trigger system, installed a Johnny Glocks Vex shoe, and installed a OEM High Polished minus connector.
    Trigger pull is around 2# with a 5# striker spring.
    Reset is fast and tactile.

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