Spartan BT41 Letter Opener Knife

office depot letter opener
| January 30, 2017
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B&T Industries is mostly known for its Atlas Bipods and Accu-Shot monopods. But… letter openers?

Spartan Blades/Accu-Shot Letter Opener Knife

Admittedly, when we think of letter openers we picture grandpa mumbling over bills, probably using something like this:

But since you’ve already seen the featured image of this Monday Night Knife Fight, you know this ain’t your average letter opener. We doubt ol’ grandpa’s letter opener was made by Spartan Blades, but the BT41 certainly was.

Tha handle and pommel are 300 series stainless steel, and the blade itself is “machined from 440C Stainless Steel given a Rockwell Hardness of C 58-59 with a Cyro treatment followed by Alumina then Ceramic Blast and finally a PVD Chromium coating” (We had to quote it because we don’t entirely know what it means).

In truth, it reminds us a bit of this 90’s classic:

[The Truth is out There]

The BT41 comes with its own sheath, which absolutely can serve as a bludgeon all by itself.

The blade is extracted much the same way you adjust an Atlas Bipod.

You can actually leave it that way for a little extra length if you want.

But really, it’s probably best all the way out and ready for work for opening letters.

It’s noteworthy that the sides do not come sharpened, but the point can easily pierce just about anything. Being made by Spartan Blades, we have little doubt the sides can be razor-ready very quickly if desired.


Either way, it’s a hundred times better than some safety opener sold at Office Depot.

-Swingin’ Dick

[You can visit B&T online here]

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  1. Durty

    Right,100.00 or even 150.00 but 275.00nope

  2. michmike

    Love it but….. $275.00 and I am willing to spend the money on a great knife but on this one…. pass…. sorry!

    $100.00 yea or even $120.00 but not $275.00


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