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November 30, 2013  
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What’s your weapon system? Do you doubt it at all? Is it 1911 from John Moses Browning (may he sit at the right hand of God)? Is it a stock Glock 19 with no stippling or nuthin’ metrotacical added to the frame? Revolver in a flap holster and a bullwhip? Maybe you’re not wrong. Maybe you are…

Doubting your weapon system. I think it’s natural for everyone to doubt their system. The system that they are told to use, instructed to use, shown to use, or maybe just the one they picked for themselves for lack of knowing what else to use. Unless you are carrying something terrible (and I mean really, really terrible like a Taurus Judge, or…fuckin’ I don’t know, a Bersa .380. Lorcin .25 or really anything under $250 dollars….you are probably doing ok – as long as you master your system… as long you spend the time to learn the manual of arms for your particular weapon, hit the range on a somewhat regular basis, you seek formal training whenever time and money allows.

The reality is, if you do this you are light years ahead of most people that want to hurt you. Just by doing this. The problem with all this doubt people have in their system is exactly that. DOUBT. If you doubt your system while things are going well, and you are just trying to do your thing, live your life, then what faith do you have that you aren’t going to doubt it during the moment of truth? We spend sooo much time arguing  9mm verse .45 and “tip up” verse “tip down” knife carry of a knife. “Should I carry my knife in my support side pocket, or should I carry it on my gunside?” We spend all this time over-analyzing and stressing over what is effectively bullshit. This industry, this entire “tactical” or “defensive” lifestyle is definitely full of opinions. The fact is there is often very little FACT in it, and sometimes the fact is, it’s a personal choice. Like your selection of intimate lubricant and wank sock material (Merino wool? Lycra?) your decision to Appendix Inside the Waistband carry vs. off-body satchel/purse carry vs. ankle carry vs. OWB belt carry will be hotly debated even by those “in the know” (including our own minions).

There have been PLENTY of people killed with 9mm; there have been PLENTY of people killed with .45ACP. There are people who successfully drawn a knife with their right hand, and killed an attacker. Likewise there are people that drew a knife from their support side and did the same. Fixed blades and folders are similiary unpleasant applied across the jugular. Its not my place or really anyone elses place to tell you that you are wrong – but here is the caveat to that. Its not my place to tell you that you are wrong, but you need to have confidence in your system, which means you must do what it takes to build that confidence. It is the doubt, that lack of confidence, that DOUBT, that is likely your subconscious telling you that YOU ARE WRONG. If you feel that doubt, perhaps you are subconsciously reviewing the all important question: “Hey, maybe I’m not doing this right?

“The above ImgInt clearly demonstrates the superiority of white- or gold-maned white unicorn materials. The obvious superiority of these materials, and their game-changing performance in the battle space, cannot be denied.”  M Atwood

if you feel that more often than not…then FUCK. Maybe you should trust that instinct. It’s like the little man on the back of your neck making the hairs stand up – if you feel like something is wrong, there’s a damn good chance it is. Apply that wariness to your weapon system. Maybe you’re not doing it right. Maybe you should find a better solution. There are too many people that  do something different just because they don’t want to be mainstream. They are like, “Ugghh…the Glock 19 is just too… popluar. Its just too..en vogue. It’s the pistol du jour.”

Maybe it is just the next cool thing (remember the 10mm stoopidity?) However, maybe a lot of people carry that weapon because it works. It’s a simplistic weapon. It is extremely effective, and that’s the reason why some of the best shooters in the world have chosen it. There’s a reason so many people who cannot perform well with a double-single semi-auto (like rookie cops doing quals) can show immediate improvement and qualify with it.

Now, you can turn right around and do the same thing with the 1911. 100 yrs later and its still  fucking killing Americas enemies. Just go ask any MARSOC operator deployed in Afghanistan right now. Do I know something more than them? Do the 1911-naysayers know more than them?

Have a frame of reference and make informed, intellegent decisions. Then test your decision. Don’t try to develop confidence in how/what/why you carry right before you drag iron and the metal starts hitting the meat. Find and see what good instructors have to say, and more than just one of ’em. It may not be anyone “tactically famous”. You don’t gotta have your own website, thousands of adoring fans and grandiloquent YouTube lectures to be a good instructor. Grunts: grandiloquent. There are a lotta reg’lar Joes who are good to go to help you shoot.

I guess to sum this up, what im trying to say is this: “Plan your dive and dive your plan.” Learn your system. Have confidence in it. That means tactical due diligence, practical training and TTP education. Do the work you have to do to trust it.

Slim Call, Breach-Bang-CLEAR

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Jake "Slim" Call

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