Small American Business: Hosse's Custom Saddlery

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Cavalry troopers today more often know their way around a Stryker or helo than a horse or a paddock, so saddles aren’t quite as important to them as they once were. If you do need a saddle, however, you should check out the oh-so-appropriately-named Hosse’s Custom Saddlery.

Hosses Custom Saddlery 1

Jim Hosse does some amazing stuff with leather, and not just saddles. He builds halters, cases, dog collars, bags…all of it a masterwork crafted from metal and the hide of something that had a parent. Nothing against Cordura or Kydex – we use it all the time – but sometimes it’s nice to see gear like this.



Hosses Custom Saddlery 7

Hosses Custom Saddlery 5

You can find Hosse’s Custom Saddlery on Facebook right here. We’re not sure what all his prices are. He’s got one badass custom saddle for sale at $6k; for $21.50 you can get an 8oz firm temper mule hide horn wraps (because who doesn’t want one of those?). Our best suggestion is to just ask him. Send him an e-mail, Saddleshop(at)

Hosses Custom Saddlery 4

Hosses Custom Saddlery 3

Hosses Custom Saddlery 6


Hosses Custom Saddlery 2

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