Slim 575: New Subcompact Holster from Safariland

Safariland 575 Slim subcompact pistol holster
April 16, 2021  
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Safariland just expanded its line of 575 IWB Pro-fit GLS holsters to include the new 575 Slim Pro-Fit holster that is compatible with a laundry list of subcompact pistols.

The list includes, but is not limited to, popular concealed carry guns like the Glock 43, 43X and 48, Springfield Armory Hellcat and XD-S, Sig Sauer P365/P365X, Smith & Wesson M&P Shield/Shield Plus, and similarly sized pistols.

According to Eric Gasvoda, Vice President and General Manager for the duty gear division of The Safariland Group, “The new 575 Slim builds on the success of our robust 575 in-waistband design. The new 575 models are built for the smaller 9mms and other pistols designed for everyday carry.”

Safariland 575 Slim subcompact pistol holster

The 575 Inside-the-Waistband holster features the unique Grip Lock System (GLS), which secures the firearm once holstered. The GLS is deactivated with the middle finger upon obtaining a standard shooting grip on the firearm.

575 Slim Features

Grip Locking System

Like the rest of the 575 line of holsters, this model is equipped with Safariland’s Grip Locking System (GLS) which secures the firearm once it’s been holstered. Upon assuming a standard shooting grip to the pistol, the middle finger deactivates the GLS retention.

360° Adjustable Cant

The new 575 Slim IWB GLS Pro-Fit holster provides a fully adjustable cant


Safariland 575 Slim subcompact pistol holster

The Safariland Model 575 holster comes with a fully adjustable 360° degree cant. To adjust the cant, rotate the J-Hook to your desired position and tighten with an Allen screw.

Two Belt Loop Options

This holster comes with two belt loop options based on preference (over or under the belt). Its low-cut and compact design makes concealment easy while also allowing for a quick draw.

Safariland 575 Slim belt mount options.

For under-the-belt mounting (left), place the J-Hook underneath the belt and hook the belt into the “J” portion. The J-Hook comes with two removable top sizing adapters (Fig. 2) that secure the belt into the J-Hook from both the top and bottom of the belt. For over-the-top mounting (right) , place belt mount over the outside of the belt to allow the hook to go over and grasp underneath the belt

Optional Tuck Device

The 575 SLIM holster comes with a removable Tuck Device. This is a feature that helps with concealability because it helps pull the pistol grip in towards the body for reduced “printing” under your clothing. The Tuck Device is optional and can be removed as you see below.

575 Slim subcompact holster tuck device

If you don’t want the Tuck Device, just remove the two screws that secure it to the holster (left), pull off the device, and replace the screws, making sure not to overtighten them.

575 Slim Subcompact Holster Specs

  • GLS secures the holstered firearm
  • Designed to fit multiple firearms in one holster with one tension adjustment
  • The body of the holster is constructed of SafariSeven, a proprietary nylon blend that is non-abrasive to firearm’s finish
  • Low-cut compact design for ease of concealment
  • Inside-the-waist for deep concealment
  • Two belt loop options available based on preference (under and over the belt)
  • Fully adjustable cant
  • Optic Capable
Safariland subcompact holster, 575 Slim

“With Safariland’s GLS retention and the 575’s ease of concealment, this is a great way to secure your carry gun so it is ready and accessible when you need it most.” ~Eric Gasvoda

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