Breachers Dream: Crye SIX12 with Salvo 12

crye six12
| April 23, 2015
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Taking different things and putting them together in a beautiful way is always pleasing. Peanut butter and jelly on a sandwich, fish tacos with a Corona, Sasha Grey and Natalie Portman scissoring….you get the idea. And that’s just one of the reasons we like the new Six12 (or “Salvo 12”, or “Six12 Shotgun” depending on who you talk to) from SilencerCo. Mad Duo


Breachers Dream: Crye SIX12 with Salvo 12

Nate Murr

 When Silencerco invited me to their facility last spring, I had only a vague idea what new product they might be releasing. At their “Catalina wine mixer” event, all those in attendance were more than just slightly surprised when they announced they had managed  to effectively silence a 12 gauge shotgun. More impressive was their Salvo 12 suppressor, a modular and user-configurable design.

As I shot  steel and clays with a suppressed shotgun, I could hardly believe the sound reduction, regardless of weapon, barrel length, cartridge or Salvo 12 set up. My first thought after squeezing the trigger on a suppressed Benelli M4 was “Man, I want this for turkey hunting!” followed immediately by “Man, I wish I would have had this in Iraq!” Those two initial thoughts speak volumes about the Salvo 12 and its design, as well as its wide range of applications.

And apparently I’m not the only one who wants a silenced 12 gauge to smoke ugly bipeds…

Crye Precision released its own take on a modern scattergun with the SIX12 at SHOT show 2014, only a few months before the introduction of the Silencerco Salvo. If you haven’t seen the SIX12, it’s an impressive weapon that was intended to facilitate tactical breaching. Mounted under a carbine (much like the older KAC “Masterkey”), the SIX12 holds a rapidly-replaceable six-shot rotary magazine. A double action-type trigger rotates the cylinder and fires the weapon, providing rapid fire capability in a streamlined package. The weapon’s design places the majority of its weight further back to help reduce fatigue and achieve better balance. The modular design allows the weapon to be underslung, or used in a standalone configuration which can be set up in only a few minutes with a separate kit. This futuristic looking set up has been made even more advanced with the addition of the Silencerco Salvo 12. 


There are differences in how the military, law enforcement, and civilian shooting communities view shotguns. While all of them can benefit by reducing the damaging report of a 12 gauge, the way each group uses shotguns is what’s important. In the military and specialized LE teams, shotguns are often viewed as more a tool than a weapon. Breaching doors, blowing locks and destroying engines are more common than blasting a bad guy across the room, into the air and out a window (as happens in anything made in Hollywood). Although still a firearm and capable of taking life, the “worlds most DEVASTATING CQB weapon!!!” is more routinely used in the same manner as a crowbar, sledge hammer or pair of bolt cutters.

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All it takes to make a dude humping a shotgun as his primary rethink his choice of weapon is for someone 150 yards away to start shooting at him with a rifle. For this reason, and because a shotgun’s magazine capacity, reloading speed and ammo carriage also restrict the user, most carrying one for a living will still carry a carbine. Jared Ross, a 18B and instructor with Rockwell Tactical Group recently said, “The shotgun is the perfect tool for a few very specific jobs. It is the master key to most locked doors.” But using a shotgun as a direct action weapon, as in WW2 and Vietnam, has faded away. “In today’s world, why use a shotgun when a M4 or MK18 is better suited for the job?”  This view of the shotgun is shared by many outside the SOF community, such as those in many regular infantry units. The ability to breach a gated compound plus doors inside a structure and use a variety of different rounds keeps the shotgun around, if only as a tool. The ability to do this with a more reduced signature is even more appealing. If the bad guys are a few rooms away from the breach point, they might have a harder time detecting their unwanted visitors’ entry and movement.


In the LE world many departments still mandate shotguns for a variety of reasons, one of which is the ability to go back and forth with less-lethal to lethal ammunition. In an active shooter scenario, or in the hands of a SWAT cop, this hybrid weapon might have a few distinct applications. The ability to reload by quickly swapping cylinders would be a huge benefit over older tube magazine designs in use, and would require very minimal training for switching to less lethal ammo and back. And for the civilian shooter, who doesn’t want a light, adaptable, silenced short barrel shotgun? You can set the SIX12 up with the Salvo 12 for home defense or bird hunting in just a matter of minutes without the worry of hearing loss from shooting down the hallway or the range.


In my opinion, this combo shows the true path of modern firearms design. While many companies continue to rehash decades-old designs, Silencerco, Crye Precision and the like are pushing the envelope. The esteemed old 12 gauge still has a lot of life left, and has been in need of serious revision for some time. I look forward to this system becoming available, as I’m sure it will be impressive to shoot and interesting to detail examine. Silencero has been pumping out the new products lately, and has seriously stepped up the game for the competition.


You can check out their website for the impressive specs of the Salvo 12, and learn more about the SIX12 shotgun system here. It’s an exciting time for the gun world, and I look forward to what the future has in store as designers continue to abandon the “box.”


Mad Duo, Breach-Bang& CLEAR!

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Mad Duo Nate Murr-NerfAbout the Author: Nathan “Mad Duo Nate” is a former USMC Sergeant who recently transitioned to being a nasty civilian. He lives largely on nicotine, whiskey and hate and can be frequently found orating Kipling poems to frightened hipsters. A graduate of the Camp Lejeune School for Wayward Boys, he was a Marine NCO, Infantry Platoon Sergeant and Scout Sniper team leader. He is a fully qualified American Jedi, handsome badass and world-renowned field barista. He has numerous deployments to the Middle East and Africa and is something of an idiot savant when it comes finger-fucking stuff to make it work better. Nate only chain smokes when he’s drinking and only drinks every day. We reckon he is probably best described as a sociopathic philosopher with vestigial cutthroat (though poetic) tendencies. Thus far Murr’s writing has appeared in such places as here on Breach-Bang-Clear, on, in field shitters and portajohns on at least 3 continents, in RECOIL Magazine and of course Penthouse letters. (Grunts: vestigial)

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  1. M@

    Newest from Silencerco… newest from Crye… Yeah, yeah, yeah…

    How about applying Rule 34 to “Sasha Grey and Natalie Portman scissoring”?!?!!!!

    Just sayin…

  2. B stick

    Think they would take a trade in on a KSG? Oh,and the ‘About author’ was a good read.

  3. Anthony Madrigal

    How much is this and is it available for civilians?

    Does it need a tax stamp?

    When will it be released?

    Can extra cylindars be purchased for quick changes?




    Seems like that would have to be a serious double action trigger stroke to rotate that giant cylinder and cock the firing mechanism.

    • Mad Duo Merrill

      The Striker-12 suffered the same fate. Viewed in the respect of a semi-compact breacher gun though it’s not terrible

  5. Old 1811

    Does the cylinder gap blow hot gases onto your arm?

    I like this. It’s like a 21st-century overgrown LeMat.

    • HSR47

      From what I’ve read elsewhere, it has a mechanism that moves rearward to seal the cylinder gap when firing.

  6. Big E

    Do you have any idea the barrel length on that SBS with the Suppressor?

  7. Robert Taylor



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