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gerber ghoststrike review
| November 17, 2014
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Some of our minions prefer Gerber Gear products. Others hate them, even decrying the brand at every opportunity – we sent a new Gerber knife to one of the latter to see what happened. Mad Duo

The Ghoststrike Punch Knife


Well look at this little guy. Gerber at some point launched a “tactical line”, though I thought their products were always welcome in the Velcro community without using that buzzword. Gerber has been around for a long time and I have not liked their products for almost that same amount of time. The first multi-tool I dropped my hard earned E-2 salary on at the PX was a Gerber. I don’t remember what model it was, but it had a telescoping design that was useful for cool guy tricks and honestly not much else. I broke that Gerber twisting a seal off an ammo can not long after.

ghost punch 1 (1)

My next Gerber experience was with the Gerber “06” auto opening knife some years later (2008 I think). It was a decent blade, but the auto open feature was lethargic and as prone to stopping mid performance as an aging porn star. Needless to say I put all manners of oil on it and tried all manner of adjustment with no luck. It’s now tucked away in my closet or who knows where. So when the Mad Duo sent me this Gerber tactical knife to review, I did not have high hopes. However, I try to keep an open mind so I started putting it through its paces.

First, it’s called the Ghost Strike Punch Knife. I get that the name needs to be dynamic for marketing purposes but I don’t remember a punch knife ever being a selectable weapon on a single Ghost Recon game. Even Agent 47 uses a garrote. Don’t get me wrong, I like punch knives. I keep one on my person for obvious SHTF reasons but I don’t think of anything espionage or tier 1 when I think punch knife.

This is me trying to be objective.

ghost strike wood cut


If you don’t buy one of these t-shirts from us the terrorists win.

So the Ghost Strike is a T-handle knife made of 420HC steel, ceramic coated and it has a rubberized grip. The blade is a traditional drop point with 2.5” of length. For general day-to-day applications it doesn’t have much use. It’s a self-defense design and Gerber says as much in the description (including use of the word operator so you know its legit). The included sheath is a GF nylon with neck cord, eyelets to tie down to gear or slits to wear on up to a 1.75” belt. As far as the sheath goes, it covers all the bases and its design is both simple and sturdy. The knife is maintained by friction pressure so there are no snaps or releases; just pull and (throat) punch.

draw stroke

I began wearing the Ghost Strike on day one. Sadly after several weeks now I still have not had an opportunity to punch anyone with it, so I can’t speak to its effectiveness in that arena. However, I can tell you that the factory edge is sharp and that the drop tip design in conjunction with a generously wide T handle make this little dude quite the over-achiever at stabbing things. It weighs in at just 3 ounces so you won’t fatigue quickly using it, and despite its purpose built design, it actually serves quite well for more mundane (and less stabby) tasks like as cutting open boxes, bags, furniture and maybe even carving hearts into picnic tables and shade trees (I don’t know you, so I don’t know what you’re into).

ghost punch 1

I wanted to hate this knife because of its lineage but it looks like it has now become part of my EDC gear. It does the job it supposed to do and does it very well, which is more than I can say for the last two Gerber products I dealt with (admittedly, several years ago). My only suggestion to improve it would have to be to work on the knife’s guard. It’s a little too short. While it provides good finger leverage, a little extra metal on either side would make me more comfortable with rapid-fire stabbing mode.

ghost strike edc

If you want a punch knife and you don’t want to spend over $50, the Ghost Strike is an excellent choice. You can get one right here.

ghost strike mattress

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