Report | GEMTECH Lunar-45

| July 19, 2017
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Report | GEMTECH Lunar-45

We have had a hankerin’ try out a new pistol can lately, so we called up to see what they had for us to play with. They’re busy right now with their new Form 1 Program (which we’ll get into later) but they were happy to send me the just-released GEMTECH Lunar-45.

The L45 is a lightweight and modular pistol can that can handle everything from 22 lr up to 45 ACP and can be configured in two different lengths. It’s rated for full auto use and compatible with 9mm, 40S&W, 10mm, 300BLK subsonic and 45 ACP; we see potential for a few other calibers in here too.

Like bosoms and craft beer and classy man-jewelry, we really like it. This is hardly a surprise, as GEMTECH makes a good can, and we’d say that even if they weren’t members of JTF Awesome (though our regular readers already know both those things).


The first thing we noticed was the size — isn’t it always? It is a hair shorter at 8.5 in. than similar modular cans on the market, and definitely much lighter (it tips the scales at 11.3 ounces). That said, the “short version” at 6.9 in. is a tad longer than the competition, but not by much and only weighs 10 ounces. On modular cans I tend to prefer the shorter versions. The Lunar’s shortened version had a very nice tonal quality to it, which might not be hugely significant on the battlefield but may well appeal to other shooters like me.

Takedown is easy, nearly windowlicker proof, and the can is fully serviceable by the end-user. The shielded K-baffles only go in one way, so you really have to work hard to hose up reassembly.


Components are aluminum and titanium; this gives you a lightweight can built from rugged materials. The coating is a matte black Cerakote with reduced visual IR-signature.

The one drawback-ish thing we suffered was due to equipment limitations;  we only received a ½ x 28 in. piston, meaning that we could only test it on our beat-to-death Beretta M92 in 9mm.

We only get these silencers on a short term loan and there was not enough time to get all the correct pistons out, but 9mm makes a fine test for a 45 ACP can. After all, it’s typically louder.

The manufacturer puts the sound reduction numbers at 30 to 34 decibels and based on past experience, we would say that is pretty close.

If we were in the market for a new pistol can, the Lunar would be near or right at the top of the list. Our only negative point when using it with the Beretta as a host is that the sights are completely blocked, but we have that issue on eccentric cans with this pistol as well, and anyway that can easily be corrected.

Hopefully, we can get it again and try it with our USPs, Glocks or 1911s. We’ll advise if we can make arrangements for that.

This is the direction we like to see from manufacturers: shorter, lighter cans that incorporate modularity to fit a broad range of needs..

With an MSRP of $799, we expect to see them priced a bit lower by the time they hit the shops.

Silencer Shop Form 1

The ATF Form 1 is the permission slip from the government that you need to compete in order to make an NFA item like an SBR (short-barreled rifle), short-barreled shotgun or (if you’re one of those guys who can’t get past shelling out the retail price for a silencer) a silencer.

Some folks want a slightly faster track to approval and some guys are total rocket surgeons when it comes to building cans, but get confused by paperwork. Silencer Shop takes the ass pain out of Form 1 filing by making the entire process take less than five minutes. They have the semi-completed form eye-balled by an NFA expert to ensure all the i’s are dotted and the t’s crossed and then they fire it back to you for a signature and it’s done.

No more worry about rejected forms lost forms, etc. It’s pretty damn retard-proof. Check it out.

For more information, take a look here.

We the People Holsters

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