Real Women of SHOT

Women of the Gun at SHOT Show 2020.
January 28, 2020  
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She is my Inspiration, my Adventure Guide, my Cheerleader, my Teacher, and my Role Model. She is the Real Woman of SHOT.

Note: about who we missed.

Women in the Firearms Industry

Yes, we are fully aware there is nothing new or trendy about women working in the firearms industry. We know women have been an important part of this all since the early days, be it working in factories, participating in marksmanship shows like Annie Oakley did, or even running stores that sold guns and ammo to the public.

Sara Nolan -Trijicon

Real Women of SHOT - Sara Nolan - Trijicon.

“I’m blessed to work with the most amazing humans for the last 13 years, giving me amazing opportunities including some real fun shooting and amazing travel. I just really love the people in this industry.”

Real Women of SHOT - Tatiana Whitlock- Professional Firearms instructor for the responsibly armed citizen.

Tatiana Whitlock- Professional firearms instructor for the responsibly armed citizen. 📷 Daniel Shaw.

And let’s not forget those in service. Over the years women have always been contributing in all sorts of capacities to the world of firearms. We also know women are capable of anything and everything, so the skill of these women is not necessarily what we are celebrating with this article, though believe me they all deserve credit for their amazing talents. Instead, this pictorial is to remind us all that the most important part of what we do in this industry is the impact we have on the next generation. From marketing professionals to engineers, to competitive shooters, writers, artists, designers, photographers, and brand ambassadors, these women are inspiring men, women, and children daily.

Through our perceived personal qualities, behaviors, and achievements, we all can inspire the next generation to strive and develop a passion for something without providing any direct instruction. This is powerful, and beautiful, just like the Real Women of SHOT.

Women of the Gun

*NOTE This is only a small representation of the amazing women who attended SHOT 2020, we simply could not catch up with all of them even considering we did have boots on the ground for the “Women of The Gun” event held Wednesday evening. I was impressed with the support these ladies were showing for one another. Things look positive and man that feels good. There isn’t anything better than when we lift each other vs. tearing one another down. Women’s Outdoor News is doing a great job bringing strong hard-working women together and we sure are excited to see the outcome of it all. Stay Tuned!

Women of the Gun - SHOT Show 2020.

A crowd in attendance at the Women of the Gun meeting at SHOT Show 2020.

Meet Real Women of SHOT

Kat Leahy -Adams Arms

Real Women of SHOT - Kat Leahy - Adams Arms.

“My passion for firearms has lead me along a path of answering phones here at Adams Arms to now being the sales and marketing manager.”

Kim Rhode – Double Trap and Skeet Shooter; Olympic medal winner; TruckVault Brand Ambassador

Kim Rhode Double Trap and Skeet Shooter Olympic medal winner, brand ambassador for TruckVault

Amy Coyne – Wild Things

Real Women of SHOT - Amy Coyne of Wild Things.

Brittney Stalvey -Aimpoint

Real Women of SHOT - Brittney Stalvey- Aimpoint.

“I originally wanted to go into law enforcement but didn’t want to be the woman that didn’t know how to shoot. So I started training with pistols, moved on to the AR platform, then started working at a gun shop and just enjoyed it and kept going forward. Here I am now working in marketing for Aimpoint.”

Carlie Winegar – Glock USA

Real Women of SHOT - Carlie Winegar - Glock USA.

“I feel connected to Glock’s mission, providing the best equipment for those going into harm’s way.”

Melissa Gilliland – Professional Shooter

Real Women of SHOT - Melissa Gilliland - Professional Shooter.

Megan Holly – White Raven

Real Women of SHOT - Megan Holly - White Raven..

“Knowing that I can help put the right products in the hands of people who do the best for us daily is why I love working in this industry.”

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Jessica Kallam – Silencer CO

Real Women of SHOT - Jessica Kallam - Silencer CO.

“When I joined the industry it wasn’t a passion but it quickly became one. I love that I’ve had the opportunity to provide my daughter with firearms safety and defensive training. It is important to me, as a mother, that she is as prepared as she can be.”


Brittany Strosnider – Primary Weapons System & Andrea Shaw -GunMagWarehouse

Real Women of SHOT - Brittany Strosnider -Primary Weapons System & Andrea Shaw -GunMagWarehouse.

📷 Daniel Shaw.

Debra Radcliffe – 5.11

Real Women of SHOT - Debra Radcliffe - 5.11.

“It humbles me to support those who protect our communities and keep us safe.”

Rei Hoang – Precision Rifle Shooter

Real Women of SHOT - Rei Hoang - Precision Rifle Shooter.

Michelle Cerino – Women’s Outdoor News

Real Women of SHOT Michelle Cerino - Women's Outdoor News.

“My passion is to keep women in this industry growing in the right direction.”

Becky Yackley – Competitive Shooter

Real Women of SHOT - Becky Yackley - Competitive Shooter.

“Everything with the firearms industry has been part of my life, from childhood to now with my family, this IS my life.”

Dina Sanders – Primary Arms

Real Women of SHOT - Dina Sanders - Primary Arms.

“I applied to a job listing for a graphic designer and have been passionate about this industry ever since. Great people and great support.”

Sara Liberte – Photographer – Breach Bang Clear & Penny Osiecki -Hogs& Heifers Saloon

Real Women of SHOT - Sara Liberte -Photographer Breach Bang Clear & Penny Osiecki -Hogs & Heifers Saloon.

“Having an opportunity to create powerful images of active duty, LEO’S and veterans humbles me. It’s an honor I don’t take lightly.”

Kenda Lenseigne – Cowgirl Pro Mounted Shooter

Real Women of SHOT - Kenda Lenseigne - Cowgirl Pro Mounted Shooter.

“Competitive riding was starting to get a little dull, and I found a new goal to strive for with mounted shooting. It’s been fueling me to push boundaries since.”

Sara Westman – Kitfox Design Group

Real Women of SHOT - Sara Westman - Kitfox Design Group.

“I love the fact that people are coming to me for my design talents in this industry and I enjoy working with them.”

Heather Miller – STI Firearms / Staccato 2011

Real Women of SHOT - Heather Miller - STI Guns.

“This industry is the best for me. I’m very passionate about 2A and I love the people that share that passion.”

Barbara Baird – Women’s Outdoor News

Real Women of SHOT - Barbara Baird - Women's Outdoor News.

“Women growing in these sports is exciting. I love to see more and more women climbing in executive positions in this industry, exciting times.”

Stephanie Kimmell -Writer – Breach Bang Clear

Stephanie Kimmell - Writer - Breach Bang Clear.

“As a writer and editor, the coolest thing about working in this industry is learning about all of the innovation that is involved in designing better and better gear. The people are top-notch and I am always learning new things from them.”

Genevieve Price – Bad Moon Armory

Real Women of SHOT - Genevieve Price - Bad Moon Armory.

“Firearms are a great equalizer. The community itself is built around the idea of fighting oppression. As a Hispanic and as a woman, I’m here to help carry that message and shake up the face of the typical “gun owner”. On a side note, there is also something empowering when I’m at SHOT with Jon and people automatically go to talk to him to sell him on something and he turns and says “ you don’t need to be talking to me, you need to sell her, she’s the owner”. That big hairy man of mine has never been sexier, lol”

Valerie Calfous – Lowa Boots

Real Women of SHOT - Valerie Calfous - Lowa Boots.

“I love working with this group of people, I love that I’m giving back to our armed services and LEO’s

Susan Belanger – Trijicon

Real Women of SHOT - Susan Belanger - Trijicon.

“The people are the best in this industry. They have the best stories to share, and I’ve heard some great ones over my 24 years.”





*Note: As with our previous installment of this series, there is simply no way we could make contact with all the women we wanted to, particularly when the author/photographer only had two days to get it done. Anyone who has anything whatsoever to do with this industry will know that there are many badass women not listed here. Belén from Law Tactical, Ingrid from LOWA Boots, Grace and Mary from B.E. Meyers, Tamara Keel, Nina from ATEi, Laurice from Soldier Systems Daily, Lena Miculek, Julie Golob, Jessica “Juice” from Lead Faucet Tactical, Laura Burgess, Amanda MacDougall, Cheyenne Dalton, our own Patti Miller, Candice Horner (one of our former crew members)…the list goes on. 

Before posting in unnecessary outrage or just to vent your spleen about who we may have missed or slighted or ignored because of their shape/color/hairstyle/wtf-ever, take that caveat into consideration. Then, when you post, you can help us educate our readers with names and social media frequencies instead of just letting us know you have a case of the red ass. That’d be a far more constructive use of your time! 



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Sara Liberte

Sara Liberte

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Sara Liberte is a 100% indisputable adventuress. She's a graduate of the Montserrat College of Art and the Unofficial University of Offroad Literal Cross-Country Journeying (itself associated with the famous "School of Hard Knocks"). A photographer/videographer of supreme talent and utter disregard for inclement weather, arduous conditions, or little things like the law of averages, Sara is an eleutheromaniac who loves firearms, motorsports, motorcycles and…well, all vehicles, really, as long as they’re the kind that gets dirty and generates adrenaline. She travels the US in a van called the Dodge Mahal, dog at her side (he also rides in her motorcycle sidecar). If you need to find her, you’ll have to look outside. Try moto-events, mountain ranges, or firearms classes. She runs the website Garage Girls and is the author of "How to Repair and Maintain American V-Twin Motorcycles", "1000 Biker Tattoos", and other works. Her work has appeared in Easy Riders Magzine, In The Wind, Hot Bike, Street Chopper, IronWorks, Cycle Source, RECOIL Magazine, OFFGRID Magazine, and many other places. What more is there to say?


  1. Latoya Piper

    From your perspective I could see how you may think it’s unnecessary chastising, however it is not. It’s doing what is necessary to be sure that we’re represented as well because, as I said we showed up in more numbers than ever this year. We had amazing instructors like Avery from @skipstacticalsolutions , Marcelle from @mysisterskeeperdefense , @Ursula.308 , Bridgette from @primeprotectionstl , @latinalockedandloaded , @alexishermosa from Machine Gun America, @HustleQueen , @tacticalsocialworker2019 Just to name a few (:

  2. Latoya Piper

    I’m not sure how this article can be titled REAL women of Shot Show when black and brown women positively represented their communities in more numbers than ever this year. Not ONE of us are shown here even tho we are heavy hitters in the industry. That’s not a slight to these women at all. I know and love some of them personally. This depiction however, is a very inaccurate depiction of the women of Shot Show.

    • Mad Duo

      We completely understand your point Ms. Piper, but you’re not addressing the article in context. It’s a very accurate article given our immediate contacts. We spoke to women we knew or were directly acquainted with. You can surely understand the vast number of people at the show at any one time and the virtual impossibility of featuring them all. Perhaps in addition to (or once you’re finished) unnecessarily chastising us, you could recommend a few people or conduct some introductions? That would serve not only to make our feature more complete, but would bring those women to the attention of those of our readers who are watching the comments. Thanks!

  3. Ron Thacker

    Great article. It is AWESOME to see so many capable women taking an interest in firearms et al.

  4. MKP

    How did you miss Grace Strong at B.E. Meyers & Co.???

    • Mad Duo

      The same way we missed Mary from BE Meyers – we ran out of time! She will hopefully confirm, however, that we made the attempt! We agree she should be on this list. But then so should you!

  5. Michael Cosgrove

    Um, Julie Golub…

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