Competitive Shooter Cheyenne Dalton

Cheyenne Dalton at the Volquartsen Booth 2018 SHOT Show
| January 24, 2018
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Cheyenne Dalton is both a Shooting Competitor and a Competitive Shooter.

Both terms apply!

Cheyenne Dalton is a 17 year-old shooting competitor from Missouri who is at the 2018 SHOT show with Volquartsen Firearms. She’s been shooting competitively for six years. I was able to meet up with her during the SHOT Show and ask her a few questions.

Cheyenne Dalton is a fierce competitive shooter.

BreachBangClear: How did you get started with shooting competitively?

Cheyenne Dalton: “Well, my mom actually went to take a concealed carry class from this guy who lived in Stockton. His daughter was there helping him and she started talking to my mom, asking if she had any kids that would be interested in getting into competitive shooting.  My mom took me for a couple of lessons, and then I started shooting in rimfire challenge and I went to the Iowa state rimfire championship and I was able to win High Limited Lady championship.”

BreachBangClear: What are you doing now with your shooting?

Cheyenne Dalton: “Now I’m competing in 3 Gun, USPSA [United States Practical Shooting Association], Still Rimfire  Challenge, and they also started a new organization and it’s .22 precision long range shooting.  Volquartsen customs is building me a custom .22 long range rifle.  I’m super excited to get into that.”

Where do you buy your guns?
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BreachBangClear: What do you think you’re going to do in the future?

Cheyenne Dalton: “I have a mentor, Julie Golob.  She works for the NRA, she’s super influential. She’s a great mom, a great wife, a great competitor. She’s really one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. She really loves to help get women into shooting.  She has a show, Love at First Shot, that the NRA puts on and she’ll take women out shooting for the first time and teach them the basics and teach them safety.  Someday I hope to be like her I could help people get started who have never shot, and I could teach people about gun safety, and just be like her.  She’s a great role model.

I want to see how far shooting can take me.  Whatever I can do with it, I want people to look at me and think, ‘she really knows what she’s doing.’ I’d like kids to be able to see that, you know I started out when I was young and now I’m here.”

BreachBangClear:  How many competitions do you participate in every year?

Cheyenne Dalton: “In a year I try to do about ten. It depends on what matches there are. I also have a bluegrass band and so I have to schedule around that and I’m also still in school. So it’s kind of challenging. So I try to do at least ten a year, and I come to the SHOT show and the NRA meeting.”

BreachBangClear:  What is your favorite firearm?

Cheyenne Dalton: “It’s a Volquartsen scorpion .22 pistol.  Its really smooth, its really awesome.”

Watch this video of Cheyenne using the Volquartsen Scorpion:

You can find Cheyenne as a shooting competitor on facebook, instagram and on her website She’ll be included in the BreachBangClear 2018 Real Women of SHOT. Here’s a link to the 2017 version.

Cheyenne is also a bluegrass musician, and you can follow her band That Dalton Gang.

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