Raven ModuLoader Pocket Shield: organize your pocket kit!

raven concealment pocket shield
July 23, 2014  
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ModuLoader Pocket Shield overview

Setting aside the obvious joke (is that a pistol in your pocket or you just happy to see me?) this new piece of kit from RCS (Raven Concealment Systems) has great potential.

The ModuLoader Pocket Shield is a small, slotted ‘wedge’ that slides into your pocket to organize your EDC (Every Day Carry). There are those who may question the need for such a device – those people either don’t carry multiple bulky items in one pocket, or it doesn’t bother them. Another significant issue it solves is that of external visibility. If you don’t like having the clip from a flashlight, mag carrier, multi-tool, etc. showing (or if you’re just tired of it wearing out the edge of your pocket). Properly shaped (the ModuLoader Pocket Shield is flexible) and utilized, it will provide consistent orientation and mitigate or eliminate “printing” too. This may be the most important advantage it provides. Ride height and and load angle will remain consistent on all items, even in different pockets, which is obviously not the case when you clip them to the pocket of different britches or just drop them down inside.

ModuLoader Pocket Shield 7ModuLoader Pocket Shield 2AModuLoader Pocket Shield 2B

It may sound silly or counter-intuitive, but we really like this idea. Carry a pocket gun like a little S&W Airweight or a Glock 42? Mount your holster to one of these hold it more securely. Want to have a small can of OC canister in there but tired of it tangling around with your keys and turning upside down? Here’s your solution.

Co-developed by RCS along with Chris Fry of MDTS Training (the 3rd product in their lineup coming to them from shooting/training enthusiasts), the ModuLoader is apparently made of a “high strength polymer” that can be shaped without losing its shape during movement or deployment of the items it secures. You can also trim it to fit your pockets or needs.

ModuLoader Pocket Shield 3

The immediate questions we have are – will it maintain its ability to hold shape after extended wear, exposure to body heat/sweat/etc. and washing (you know someone will leave it in his pants or shorts), and will it fit all pockets or just slacks and “tactical casuals”. We’ll answer those questions after we use one for a while, but for now we’re really liking what we see.

The ModuLoader comes in black or light grey, though we’re not entirely sure what difference the color makes. Presumably it’s for guys who still roll Miami Vice style in light colored linen pants that would allow the black to show through the light fabric (FYI you guys should stop going commando, especially if it’s raining).

The RCS ModuLoader Pocket Shield retails for $24.99. Like all RCS products it is 100% US-made and is covered by their unconditional lifetime guarantee. You can get it here.

ModuLoader Pocket Shield 1AModuLoader Pocket Shield 1B

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  1. E

    Can anyone tell me what knife that is in the third picture down of the guy in the jeans?

  2. Matt

    I’m not sure how I feel about these. I don’t really think they would work well for me.

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