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My Medic Range Medic Kit
| July 5, 2020
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We live in a golden era of tactical, tacticool, and good common sense gear. One massive come-up in the tactical world is tactical medicine. These days you can’t throw a stick without hitting a company selling high-quality medical gear, providing medical training, and teaching others how to save lives. Today we are talking about gear, specifically the MyMedic Range Medic Advanced Kit.

As the name applies, the MyMedic Range Medic is designed for the gun range and is there to treat a gunshot wound or other range boo-boos. Calling it a Range Medic kit is underselling it, in my opinion. It’s an awesome IFAK that’s nearly perfect for a wide variety of trauma-induced situations. Let’s start from the outside and work our way in.

The Range Kit Pouch

The Med Kit pouch is large, easily accessible, and quite modular. There is a healthy dose of Velcro on the back and front of the kit. On the back is a section of PALs ladders, and the attachment system is rather ingenious. Should you have this mounted on your gear, you unsnap the main buckle and then yank hard, and the Range Medic separates from your gear for easier access.

Back of the My Medic Range Kit - PALS and velcro.

Rip it off your gear and get to work.

The front section of Velcro allows the attachment of various pouches for adding gear to the kit, as well as fun stuff like morale patches. The Ange Medic kit comes with a tourniquet pouch complete with a RATS tourniquet. Admittedly, I don’t like the RATS tourniquet and prefer the CAT. The CAT is a CoTCCC approved TQ, and I have lots of experience with it, and better yet, lots of training with it. The placement is wise, and a tourniquet can be the most important thing to access in a hurry.

Combat Application Tourniquet - CAT

Additional webbing is on each side that allows for the attachment of other goods to your kit. It’s simple but handy and accessible. On the top is a carry handle, and two zippers are on the side so the kit can be laid out for easy access. So what’s inside?

It’s the Inside that Counts, Right?

Once the kit pops open, you have immediate access to the most important goods. This smart design and allows you to get the critical stuff first. Right up front is a packet of Quick Clot gauze. This gauze is a hemostatic agent that encourages blood clotting and slows the bleed. Here is a medical pro tip: the more blood you keep in your body, the better.

My Medic Range Medic Kit - Quick Clot.

To the left of the Quick Clot is compressed gauze, which should be used to back up the Quick Clot. Behind the Quick Clot is a pressure bandage that is used to secure the gauze and, again, and stop the bleeding.

The Range Medic Kit has Krinkle Gauze and Quick Clot.

Range Medic Kit comes with an Emergency Pressure bandage.

To the right, we have a small bottle of sodium chloride and a pair of tweezers to clean up wounds. Included is also a small amount of liquid skin. This is super glue that’s medical grade and perfect for sealing small lacerations.

As you open the bag, a small wing pops out at the top with a bag with sterile nitrile gloves. Keeping yourself healthy is pretty critical in treating others, and gloves are like condoms, they protect both people.

The second layer reveals a HyFin chest seal for sucking chest wounds. If there is a torso wound, you can assume it’s a sucking chest wound. In the very back of the kit is a set of small trauma shears to cut away clothing for easy access to wounds.

Range Medic Kit HyFin Chest Seal


Range Medic Kit — For the Range and Beyond

These are the most important features of the Range Medic kit because the most dangerous wound you’re likely to run into at a gun range is a gunshot wound. The kit is perfectly designed to treat a gunshot wound to stop the bleed and preserve life. The Range Medic kit is perfectly suited for a range bag, a Range Master’s belt or kit, or simply waiting on the line.

But That’s Not All

This kit is also packed with little things here and there to treat small boo-boos. This includes band-aids, over the counter medicine for allergies and headaches, and even sunscreen. Little things like this are easily refillable and quite handy for a long day at the range.

Medicine packet

When you examine the kit’s in’s and out’s, you can easily see it was designed and developed with shooters in mind — likely by shooters. The only change I would make is the tourniquet. The Range Medic most definitely earns its name and is the perfect range companion. It fits in a range bag, on a plate carrier, or tucked in your AR 15 gun case I’m a huge advocate of always having a range medical kit and a casualty care plan. The Range Medic Kit is just a layer of the medical pyramid. Don’t forget to train and have a plan for how to treat a gunshot wound and other emergencies when it comes time to use it. Check out MyMedic and give ‘em a browse. They’ve got some good shit.

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