Porting Side Laminate Vehicle Glass

April 18, 2015  
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Raven Concealment Systems 2

We discovered these videos in Will Petty’s phone when we hacked it looking for tactical hentai clips.


Since we figure a lot of you would be interested in ’em we spliced them all into one video, shamelessly put our own logo on it and then posted to YouTube to exploit to our own advantage. Anyway, this is the first time we’ve seen anyone shooting at or trying to break through the new side laminate vehicle glass out on the market. It will soon be on pretty much every passenger vehicle made. Petty recently had a chance to shoot and port ’em – take a look.

Rounds included 9mm, .40, .45 and .223 (and a tomahawk).

As you might expect (and as COWAN! so adroitly pointed out) that is going to make things a little disturbing depending on which side of the glass you’re on – regardless of whether you’re trying to rescue the person in the car or kill ’em, this changes things. Petty says the new glass has some benefits as well as drawbacks. Hopefully at some time in the near future he’ll grab some crayons and write up a synopsis for us.

Note spalling from the passenger side (also be advised, this is 2015 glass in an older vehicle).

We’ll post upcoming classes from Will here online, but if you’re LE or military you can always watch for notifications from the TTPOA.

Porting Window - vehicle breach - Will Petty - TTPOA - Breach Bang Clear 2

Porting Window - vehicle breach - Will Petty - TTPOA - Breach Bang Clear 1


Porting Window - vehicle breach - Will Petty - TTPOA - Breach Bang Clear 3

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  1. Tim Terry

    We make a tool called the car rake, it zips right through laminates. Reach out to me at [email protected], i run the breaching tool program at 5.11, I’m a master breaching instructor for Sweden Entry Tools

  2. Russ

    How in the hell are we supposed to extract out of the car now?

    Tim, what tool does 5.11 make for this type of glass.

    I would imagine a normal glass punch will just poke a hole in film. Looks like he had to use a lot of force to get that window out.

    Guess its a trade off. But in a life threatening situation like a fire, that window could be a problem.

  3. Tim Terry

    We have a tool at 5.11 that will get through laminated glass in seconds

  4. Ken Rull

    Interesting stuff! Got a question or two:

    How much did the rounds penetrate?

    How many repeated hits to the same spot can the glass take (for each caliber)?

    Besides caliber, what type of ammo was used (green tip, hollow point, etc.)?

    Are there plans to try 7.62?

    Were all shot attempts made from the same angle?

    Are there plans to shoot the glass from the inside?

    How much does the laminate glass cost?

    How much does the laminate glass weigh?

    Can the laminate be applied to the front windshield?

    Besides a tomahawk, were glass breakers or other rescue tools tried?

    Are there plans to add dummies (or ballistic gel at head/torso height) inside to observe the effects of penetrating rounds or spalling?

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