Pinup Art by Delta Magna: C’Est Magnifique

A modern pinup girl in brushstroke with FAL
| October 18, 2022
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If you’re a fan of pinup art (which you are), or you trust us to properly guide your art appreciation (which you do), then you probably need to take a look at Delta Magna. Her modern pinup designs are on-point and the historical ones are awesome. 

Who is Delta Magna you ask? Well, tbh we don’t know all that much about her, but does it matter? It’s the pretty pictures you Crayon-gnawing nasties want to see anyway. 

"Rise and Shine" modern pinup by Delta Magna

“Rise and Shine”; a modern pinup available as slaps and on shirts.

Delta “Mag” Magna (@deltamagna on Instagram and Twitter) is a freelance artist based in North Carolina. 

Her published body of work is impressive. For instance, she did much of the art for the Savage Company role-playing game, has provided morale imagery to a range of clients (including Weapon Outfitters and High Adventure History), and is a part of the BATTLE SECRETARY series of comics.

Rhodie Bush War era pin-up girls

These Bush War era gals will likely strike a chord with anyone with an interest in (or affection for) Rhodies. FALs, MGs, and brushstroke…nothing there not to like. 

Contemporary Headless Horseman with a Mk18

A contemporary Headless Horseman rocking an Mk18 might not be the only reason to check out the artwork of “Delta Magna”, but it’s damn sure sufficient reason. 

Mag’s artwork is inspired by real-world military aesthetics, video games, and assorted other types of media. Plus, of course, pinup art. All in a variety of genres from American Revolutionary War to Cold War to right-up-to-now modern stuff. And all points between. You did see the gal in brushstroke cammies carrying the right arm of the free world up there didn’t you? 

"Victoria", a Revolutionary War era Bluecoat as envisioned by Delta Magna.

“Victoria”, a Revolutionary War era Bluecoat as envisioned by Delta Magna. This one was the result of a suggestion by part of the artist’s Patreon-Discord community. 

Magnifique: Pinup bomber nose art

Pinup bomber nose art: Magnifique. And perhaps a bit of borderline 4th-wall-breaking expression there from the artist.

Pinup bomber nose art closeup: Magnifique

Most of the art Mag publishes is available in both SFW and non-SFW versions, although the latter images are limited to her Patreon supporters

NSFW pinup art available from Delta Magna


Check out Delta Magna online.

Spetznaz girl

Pinup with modern weapons

Tango Yankee Chip

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