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Quick release trailer hitch pins from Pin Ultimate.
January 5, 2024  
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Let’s say you’re switching back and forth between hauling horses or pulling a trailer. Maybe instead of making a technical vehicle, you want more of a towed version built on a tandem utility trailer, like the GTA anti-aircraft trailer. It could be you’re going out to dinner with a big ole corn-fed lady like the ones Slim prefers, and you don’t have a king cab. In any of those cases, you’re going to need a trailer hitch pin…in which case you will want to consider this lockable hitch pin in Cerakoted Titanium from Pin Ultimate. Read on; Mike Searson will walk you through the Pin Ultimate trailer hitch pin. Swingin’ Dick

Pin Ultimate: a Tactical Trailer Hitch Pin? 

I love driving my truck. It’s a 2018 Chevy Colorado with the Z71 4X4 package, and it’s been the most comfortable and trouble-free vehicle that I have ever owned. I’ve loaded it up with firearm storage options from vehicle gear from stuff like a Magnum Truck Vault in the bed to a console vault, SIG Rifle carrier, and a DeSantis Kingston Car Seat inside.

PinUltimate makes a Titanium quick release, lockable trailer hitch pin.

PinUltimate makes a Titanium quick-release, lockable trailer hitch pin. It’s the only one of its kind around, at least that we’re aware of. Available on Amazon. 

Yet, I did have one problem. It had nothing to do with Chevrolet but with an aftermarket accessory from a big box store: the trailer hitch pin.

I started with a standard type that was held in place with a clip. When I put my Claymore Mine hitch cover on, it sort of screamed: “This guy is an idiot, steal this now!”

So, I purchased a locking one, and after a few months, the lock failed, so I couldn’t hitch up my trailer to move my ATV. Two whacks with a 4-pound sledgehammer busted the lock. So much for security. What was worse, though, was the condition of the pin.

Stainless steel and coated with rust.

Even though we all know the mantra, “Stainless only means rust-resistant”, it was particularly disconcerting because I live in the desert!

While searching for a more trouble-free solution, I came across a company called PinUltimate.

PinUltimate Hitch Pins

The Pin Ultimate locking hitch pin is extremely rugged, lightweight, and legitimately waterproof.

They offer a quick-release hitch pin that is made of Titanium and coated with Cerakote. That means it is light, is six times stronger than steel, and is truly rust free!

I can say this with certainty, as it’s been mounted on my truck for over a year. This is significant because I keep the truck outside and not in the garage, and it endured through a winter when we got over 11 feet of snow in the mountains. The pin looks and works as well today as the day it was removed from the packaging.

No rust means it operates the same as when I first put it in without bonding to the hitch through the rust or any debris. it has a “Be Nimble” cylinder lock with a bidirectional key to keep people from stealing it while making it easy to open and lock even when the temps are below zero. The sealed key slot helps in this regard as well.

Closeup of the PinUltimate hitch pin lock

All exposed parts on a PinUltimate Hitch Pin (Titanium model) are made of premium, heat-treated 6AL4V (Ti-64) titanium. This means you can be confident that your PinUltimate Hitch Pin will work flawlessly even if exposed to salt water or road salt. It passed a 1,000-hour salt spray test without failure!

Pin Ultimate: the other side of the hitch pin.

Their ConnecTrick Quick-Release System is another engineering marvel (well, as I see it). The bearings are made of 6AI4V titanium. A rubberized “Snap-To-It” Clipless Connector cap protects the lock from the elements, and the other side of the pin has an extremely ergonomic “Power Red” handle that’s easy to see and easy to grab.

With this unique design, depressing the thumb button on the hitch pin handle releases the positive-locking balls that protrude from the shaft to hold the end cap in place. With the thumb button depressed, the pin is free to slide. Releasing the thumb button locks the cap in place. The handle is CNC-machined from aircraft-grade billet aluminum and then treated with a “power red” Cerakote finish to protect it from the elements.

Best of all is that it’s made in the USA and has a lifetime warranty. I can see this easily outlasting my current truck and any other trucks that come my way in the future.

Their quick release hitch pin is Titanium coated in Cerakote.

Their quick-release hitch pin is Titanium coated in Cerakote. (PinUltimate is online here.)

Many manufacturers would have simply offered a titanium pin and may have skipped the Cerakote, but PinUltimate is more than that and is truly a great piece of tactical gear for your truck because it will never fail you. The features built into this overbuilt workhorse of a lockable hitch pin are more reminiscent of a custom knife rather than a pin you pull off the shelf at a big box or auto parts store.

quick release hitch pin for trailers of all kinds

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