Overwatch Precision Falx Trigger

A Close-up of the Overwatch Precision Falx Trigger
| October 27, 2018
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I recently got a hold of a custom G19 and was told I was going to have to replace the trigger. I liked this option as we both thought it was better to let me decide what I wanted vs. just throwing in something I might not like.

Overwatch Precision Falx Trigger and pumpkins

Since this was a Glock I of course went to “my boy, AT” who is an aficionado on all things Glock. (If you do not follow “ambrosia_terrebonne” on Instagram, you are missing out on some fun!)

Austrian made Overwatch Precision Falx Trigger

So, “AT” gave me a few trigger manufacturers to consider, and after some quick research, I settled on Overwatch Precision. I liked what they were all about, high-quality materials, a lifetime warranty, and their products are used by military and police departments. I called them up and spoke with Jerry Cimino, the president of the company. He took the time to ask me some questions to make sure I was ordering the correct trigger. He suggested the Falx for my G19 and sent it out that day.

The Falx Trigger by Overwatch Precision

Jerry got it absolutely right, I really like this trigger, the Falx was designed with performance advantages of the flat-faced trigger they sell, but suits shooters like myself who prefer a curved face trigger. You can check their website for specs on the materials used and coatings.

Overwatch Precision Trigger

It was obviously an easy install and one we did at the range. My first time using this trigger was in a defensive handgun class over two days, and man was I happy with it, I really like the way this trigger resets, it just has a great feel to it. I could go on and on about this and that, but we all know you have to get out and try different parts to find what suits you best. I just got lucky right off the bat with this trigger and wanted to share it with you.

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