PROOF One Badass Lady – Eight New National Records

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Some news today about PROOF Research, a member of JTF Awesome. 

PROOF: One Badass Lady – Eight New National Records

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She’s the winner of the NRA National Silhouette title, Standard and Hunter High Power Rifle Silhouette Champions, Canadian NFA National Smallbore Silhouette Champion and breaking national records in both the US and Canada. That’s pretty impressive.

Cathy Winstead-Severing, a Team Lapua shooter, took a PROOF Research medium contour, cut-rifled steel barrel chambered in 6mmBR for both the Standard and Hunter class large-bore competitions. And well, let’s just say she killed it!

“I swept all four guns in the U.S., and then I swept all four in Canada,” Winstead-Severin told PROOF. “It’s kind of surreal, me being at the top of my game and having everything come together for so many matches.”


As an ambassador for PROOF, Winstead-Severin is really putting them on the map.”We’re proud of her accomplishments and excited to have contributed to her success by providing world-class gear that enabled her to translate her phenomenal shooting skills into wins,” said Derek McDonald, PROOF Research Chief Marketing Officer.

We’re also proud of Cathy, who has done nothing but win one championship after the next since switching to PROOF.

“I debuted it in Montana, up in Missoula, and we shot the Iron Man,” she told PROOF. “I shot three new national records up there on its debut, and I believe I got five new national records with it at the U.S. Nationals. So in its first summer, I set eight new national records.”

PROOF Research is a member of JTF Awesome. Follow them on Instagram, @proof_research, or on Facebook, /PROOFResearchUSA/.

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