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| February 1, 2016
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There are some folks who don’t care for so-called “pocket guns.” Our minions aren’t to be counted in that group…well, not most of them anyway, and the rest of us make fun of ’em.

Looking for a little blaster in .22 short, .380 ACP or the like? Look no further than North American Arms (on Facebook at /NorthAmericanArms/). They’ve got all manner of little revolvers, a few semi-autos, a custom shop, hell they’ve got little cap-and-ball jobs too. Oh, and LaserLyte makes lasers that fit, if you’re interested.

Speaking of stuff they offer, we’re really looking forward to their little mini-Schofield. NAA describes it thusly:

“[It’s a] five shot, single-action, break-top revolver frequently described as the Schoefield style, (pictures of which can be found here http://naaminis.com/smf/index.php?topic=6773.0) and which closely resembles the original NAA Ranger. At the outset, it will be offered in one barrel length (about 1.5”), and chambered in .22 Magnum; a .22 long rifle cylinder will be available as well.”

“We’re also anticipating that our industry and our products will remain a central part of new (but not fresh) public policy discussions and we anticipate ‘gun rights’/personal safety will be a loud part of the political rhetoric during this election year. We’re aware of the President’s misguided plan to increase ‘selling restrictions’ and other buying obstacles to the extent that he thinks is possible/legal. All of which noise has been demonstrated, repeatedly and consistently, to drive our customers into the stores and onto ranges. To all those who ignorantly contribute to the noise, I offer my thanks.” Sandy Chisolm, NAA

North American Arms is extremely active in the political process to protect Second Amendment Rights, working diligently with the National Shooting Sports Foundation to educate politicians and direct the political process (which is why you’ll occasionally see their HMFIC in the Halls of the Cannon House Office Building.

Find ’em online at NorthAmericanArms.com.

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