Needing the Second Amendment: My Life as a Tyrant

We hate tyrants and bullies, bulies in particular. If you’re reading this, you probably already know many of our intrepid band of wretched flunkies are current or former more LEOs. We are pro- Law Enforcement, are tuned in to officer safety issues, and we openly make fun of this weird idea floating around that somehow tens of thousands of cops would suddenly be willing (or logistically capable) of traveling around siezing private citizens’ guns. That said, there are petty tyrants, bullies and officiously self-important jackasses in any career field, in any land. We absolutely accept there will be some assclowns who would operate against what we perceive as the common good. This is an article that illustrates that point. We’ve quoted a short piece below, an excerpt as to how important the Second Amendment is to defend agaist autocrats (grunts: autocrats) or tin pot despots (grunts: despots) who would misuse, alter or interpret the law (especially the wrong laws) to suit their agenda – sometimes for what may seem to be noble reasons. Anyone watching events in the State Capitol Building in Colorado could speak to that.

This is an interesting read; it’s a long one, but well worth it. We highly recommend you check out the whole thing to put the excerpt in context. Good stuff, though thankfully not descriptive of something we feel is too widespread. Not with the current generation of LEOs anyway.

My Life as a Tyrant

I keep hearing we don’t need the 2nd Amendment. I keep hearing the 2nd Amendment is an anachronism. I keep hearing that it was written for a time long past, when we had to worry about foreign invasion and government tyranny. I keep hearing the 2nd Amendment should be repealed because there’s no threat of tyranny today.

I’ll agree that we don’t currently worry about foreign invasion. But we ALWAYS have a worry about government tyranny. Don’t tell me, “it can’t happen here.” I know better. I was there when Officer Joe stole people’s property, because he had a personal vendetta and knew he could get away with it. Don’t tell me police officers won’t engage in tyranny. I’ve seen it.

Joe was, in many ways, a good guy. He wasn’t a horrible, hateful man who just oozed evil from every pore. He and I had a lot of decent conversations about life (and a HELL of a lot of arguments about what limits our authority should have). No doubt he did good things for people in the past, and probably did good things after Kosovo. He likely never did anything like the bazaar operation in America. But he did it in Kosovo, because he COULD.

Our founding fathers were incredibly intelligent, insightful men. They knew an external threat of invasion could exist. And more importantly, they knew an internal threat of tyranny would always exist. They knew that even basically good guys like Joe can let their personal hatreds control their official actions. They knew that even Officer Chris Hernandez might maybe, once or twice, have a little nagging thought like, There should be an automatic death penalty for anyone who drives through a quiet neighborhood at 3 a.m. blaring gangster rap. They knew I better have threats over my head, to keep me from carrying out that death sentence.

The founding fathers knew guys like me and Joe need to be controlled. They wrote the 4th Amendment so we would have to follow rules when we took people’s property. And they wrote the 2nd Amendment so that if we ever decided not to care about citizens’ rights, the citizens could forcibly change our minds.

This nation was formed by armed rebellion. Our freedoms were maintained by armed resistance to foreign threats. Our police and military exist to protect the rights that many hundreds of thousands of brave, armed Americans died for. We serve the descendants, family and friends of those men and women. We call them “sir” or “ma’am”, even if they’re a laborer and we’re a police chief or 4-star General. We don’t bend them to our will, we don’t strip their rights “for their own good”. We don’t repeal the Bill of Rights in order to protect them from the sometimes horrible consequences of freedom.


Read the article in its entirety, please.

Hat tip to the Scott-Donelan Tracking School for the heads-up about this article, and to the author for a job will done.


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