TRUTH SNAP: Modular Plate System from Angel Armor

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 TRUTH: Modular Plate System from Angel Armor

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Make it better, lighter, cheaper, more interesting, add something the customer doesn’t need- whatever, just make Product XYZ different

That’s how most manufacturers go about making new products and we end up with generations of products that are nearly the same. When Angel Armor designed their new Truth SNAP body armor, they stepped out of the cookie cutter ballistic plate line. They designed something completely different than what had been previously offered across the board for body armor.

We were able to catch up with Josh Richardson, of Angel Armor, during the ADS, Inc., Warrior Expo East. He gave us a full rundown of their product line and spent some time showing us their new modular body armor.

Angel Armor Product Rundown, Modular Body Armor

Modular plate system from Angel Armor. If your department or unit wants these, reach out to ADS, Inc.


Posted by Breach-Bang-Clear on Monday, August 14, 2017

The Truth SNAP includes two stackable plates that snap together with magnets. The use of the thinner plate will protect against most handgun rounds (NIJ Level IIIA) and Spike Level 1. The thicker plate alone is rated at NIJ Level IIIA+, protecting against AK-47 rounds and is also Spike Level 2 rated. When the two plates are stacked together, they are rated at NIJ Level III, stopping .308 rounds and is also rated at a Spike Level 3. To read the ballistic specifications for the plates, go here.

When handling the plates, the weight, or lack thereof is obvious. These ballistic plates are surprisingly light. At the largest size, the two plates together, weigh 3.31 lbs. The pricing is separately by plate, or you can purchase them together, the MSRP for the whole system is $572. Special pricing does apply, depending on the order size and if partner pricing has been used.

We hope to get some time with Angel Armor’s modular plate system. Let us know if you’ve already tried them out.

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